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Page 6.

John Simmons Died May 4th, 1840

Abigail Simmons Died April 3rd, 1856

Lucinda A. Simmons Died Aug. 4th, 1852

James A. P. Simmons Died Feb. 7th, 1858

Avaline Simmons Died June 30th, 1863

James Simmons Died March 22nd, 1873

William Starbuck Died Nov. 20th, 1837

Jane Starbuck Died July 31st, 1834

Abraham Brown Died June 26th, 1860

Sinah Brown Died January 31st, 1884

Isabella C. Brown Died July 28th, 1897

Joseph Brown Jr. Died Oct. 22, 1891

Page 7.

Fred Strauss Died Jan. 6 1935

Sydney Pampbell Brown Died Jan. 22 1905 * Unsure of Middle Name

May Flarilla Bradford Died May 10, 1903

Viola C. Brown Died May 2nd, 1940

D. C. Brown Died March 14, 1932

Oscar A. J. Brown Died March 5, 1945

Jennie L. Strauss Died February 9, 1947

Lotta Brown Alexander Died May 23, 1950

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