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Letters about Timothy Beebe Family

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In the year 1775 three brothers named Henry, John and Timothy Beebe, emigrated from newport, Wales in a small vessel with two brothers by the name of Keeney and landed near the mouth of the Connecticutt river. Henry settled in Indiana, near Vevay; John enlisted in the army and was killed in the Battle of Flatbush, Long Island. Timothy settled in Pleasant Valley in Lyme, Conn. married a Highland Scotch girl, Rachel MacIntosh, daughter of Duncan MacIntosh. His wife's name was Rachel and they had eight children, lived near Lyme, Conn.

Rachel, the youngest child, was born June 1, 1767.
Timothy Beebe married Rachel MacIntosh.
Anna Maria Beebe married John Louis Armand Danglade Feb. 18, 1824.
Dr. Theophile M. Danglade married Sarah Ann Pleasants, Sept. 25, 1850 [?].

Anna Maria Beebe first married a Siebenthal, one daughter, Rachel Maria married Ben Miller, Aug. 15, 1839; do not know their dates of death.

Timothy Beebe built a house and grist mill near the foot of Mt. Archer. and lived there till 1813. They had eleven children; Anna Maria was born 1799. Rachel Beebe died about 1816. Timothy for his second wife, married Jane PaXton, widow of Owen Todd.
They lived about 2 miles west of Vevay.
This marriage took place in Vevay, Nov. 3, 1823

James Munn to Lucretia Beebe, Sept. 10, 1819.
Lewis F. Golay to Clarissa Beebe, Sept. 10, 1819.
Both sisters of Amelia Beebe.

William Patton born Dec 7, 1818 in Grey Abby, County Down, Ireland Came to the United States, July 1838 and landed at New York City on the 4th of July. Amelia Danglade was born in Cincinnati, April 19, 1825; died in San Diego, and buried in Vevay, Oct. 1906. See D. A. R. Magazine, July 1941 for Article on Danglades.

William Patton married Amelia Danglade;
Nannette Adamine May 10, 1848
Anna Maria Nov. 12, 1849
Amelia Ball Mar 31, 1853
Charlotte Louise Sept. 7, 1854
Sarah Urseline June 18, 1859
George Edward March 26, 1861
Eloine Verges Sept. 6, 1865
Madge Feb. 24, 1867.

A boy, John Montgomery, was born between 54 and 59, died in 1861, Oct. 21st, age 1 yrs. 3 mos.

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William Patton married Amelia Danglade in Vevay, Indiana. She was born in Cincinnati, Ohio April 19, 1825; died abt. 1908 in San Diego, buried at Vevay.
Daughter of John Louis Armand Danglade & Anna Maria Beebe.
Jean Baptiste Danglade came from France. See National DAR magazine, July 1941 (article on Danglades).

Anna Maria Beebe was the daughter of Timothy Beebe and Rachel McIntosh. Lived in Connecticut about 1775. Pleasant Valley, Lyme, Conn. Rachel McIntosh was of Scotch descent.; Timothy's 2d wife, was Rachel Paxton Todd, widow of Owen Todd of Jefferson Co. Ind.

Will of Jane Todd; Jeff. Co. Ind.
bk. D-406 Will written Mar. 18, 1836; rec. July 28, 1836. Sons, David, Smith. John Todd, son of Levi, Catherine, dau of D. A. Todd to have timber to fence 3 lots given by R. W. Todd. Owen Todd to have $1.00; Paxton W. Todd, $1.00
Witnesses; Ruth Goodwin, Mary McCully.

Owen Todd, bk. C. Levi Todd, age 20; Elijah S. Todd, age 16; Eliza Jane Todd, age 18. David A. Todd, gdn. Robert W. Todd, security.

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(This is from a letter that I have received.)
Timothy Beebe was a property holder in Lyme Conn. for about 10 years but in Oct. & Nov. 1814 he appears to have disposed of holdings and removed from Lyme which was no doubt about the time he went to Vevay, Ind. He married Rachel McIntosh sometime between 1784 & 1792 as proven by references to her in documents. Rachel was the daughter of Duncan and Rachel Mcintosh and was born 1767. Her father died about 1768. Rachel was the youngest of eight children. Duncan McIntosh purchased land in Lyme in 1735 and became interested in the mill property a few years later the mill priviledge having been originally established by a town grant before 1690.

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