Battle Ground High School
1923 Senior Class
Battle Ground, Indiana

Source: The Tomahawk, Battle Ground High School Yearbook, 1923.
This was the first yearbook in the high school's history.  I am a graduate of Battle Ground High School, from the year 1970; the last graduating class of the school.  The next year the school consolidated with Klondike High School and East Tipp High School and became William Henry Harrison High School.

Page 1:
Bernace Beeker "Bernie"
Blanche Boyce "Clem"
Joseph Brown "Joe"
John Burkhart "Long Boy"
Page 3:
Frances Johnson
Floyd Kolb "Jack"
Glen Miller "Miller"
Willard Ransdell "Shorty"
Page 2:
Clifford Cassaday "Cliff"
Glen Cassaday  "Ike"
Loren Connolly "Bob"
Norwood Dillman "Buck"
Page 4:
Mary Reynolds "Peggy"
Mary Rohrabaugh "Mary Ann"
William Roadruck "Bill"
A collage of photos of some of the seniors as infants or young children.  Really cute!


        Four years ago the Class of Twenty-three sailed from the port and entered the troublesome sea of studies at B.G.H.S.  Mary Rohrabaugh being at the prow, steered us safely through the first year of our voyage.  During the year a few of our members grew sea-sick and were safely transferred to a homeward-bound ship, but most of the members remained faithful to their class to the end of the year.
        During our first year on the sea we did not lack the art of entertaining.  During the  year we had a few class parties, but it seemed as though the teachers thought we should have made a better beginning on our High School career; for when our report cards came out they were decorated in red ink.  Later a fair was given at which everyone was highly entertained.
        At the beginning of our second year's voyage a few of the members of our crew were missing.  We sailed through the second year with Mary Rohrabaugh again in the lead, still guiding us safely through the trials and troubles of school life.  We did not have as many entertainment's during the second year, probably because we had not forgotten the red grades in deportment we had received the year before.
        Our third year found us still on our seaward voyage, with Clifford Cassaday as president, steering us straight toward "Success."  Some of the crew were still missing at the opening of the third year.  When the basketball season opened it found Clifford Cassaday, Glenn Miller and Glenn Cassaday fighting for the Old Gold and White.
        The only social event during this year was the Junior Reception.  We tried hard to make this party enjoyable to everyone that attended.  It was given before Easter, on April the fourteenth.
        In the fall of nineteen-hundred twenty-three we could still be seen sailing among the High School rocks with Joe Brown at the prow, guiding us safely onward.  The basketball season opened and Clifford Cassaday, Glenn Cassaday and Glenn Miller Responded to the call for basketball players.
        One of our aims in our last year of school was to be the publishers of our school's first annual.  We had difficulty in doing this on account of moving to the new school building.
        In order to get money enough to publish the Annual, we gave a minstrel show and a play.  The Senior play was given three times.
        This being our last year we wish, to those who are still sailing on the troublesome sea of studies, a great success and urge them to remain faithful to the ship.


        We, the members of the distinguished, renowned and highly esteemed class, namely, the Senior Class of Battle Ground High School, Town of Battle Ground, State of Indiana, in the year of our Lord, nineteen hundred and twenty-three, having attained the age of discretion, and being sound in our mental capacity, do make, publish and declare this to be our last will and testament, hereby revoking and annulling all others.

        Item:  We bequeath our sponsors some class repose and solitude where they may rejuvenate their worn and weary
                  intellectual powers which alas! they, all too willingly, but in vain imposed upon us, the long suffering Seniors.

        Item:  We hereby consign our reserved seats, next to the wall, to our respected inferiors, the Juniors.

        Item:  To any deserving "Freshie" our wit and sense of humor.

        Item:  Blanch Boyce bequeaths her giggle to any one inclined to be melancholy.

        Item:  John Burkhart bequeaths his stature to Lewis Gross.

        Item:  To Miss Hudla C. Johnson, Bernace Beeker gives permission to teach in an open-air school.

        Item:  Clifford Cassaday wills his brawn and muscle to "Pre" Nicely with best wishes for a victorious season.

        Item:  Frances Johnson bequeaths her democratic spirit to Hortense Doyle.

        Item:  Floyd Kolb wills his "way with wimmen" to George McCullough.

        Item:  The departing wish of Mary Rohrabaugh is that her "vampy ways" go to Louise Dawkins.

        Item:  Mary Reynolds bequeaths her remarkable intellectual ability to Leota Hasty.

        Item:  Glenn Miller bequeaths his "case" to Orville Moore.

        Item:  Loren Connolly bequeaths his hair comb to Kenneth Cassaday.

        Item:  Glenn Cassaday bequeaths his blushing grin to Ted Rohrabaugh.

        Item:  Willard Ransdall bequeaths his Ford to Elmer Case.

        Item:  William Roadruck wills his oratorical instinct to Bill McCahan.

        Item:  Joe Brown bequeaths his wonderful knowledge to Martie Chamberlain.

        Item:  Norwood Dillman wills his nonsensical vocabulary to Sherman Mayo.

        In witness whereof, we set our hand and seal, this, the tenth day of May, one thousand nine hundred and twenty-three.


       In witness whereunto, we do hereby set our hand and seal:
       1.  Floyd Kolb
       2.  Clifford Cassaday


One day when I 
    Went for a hike
I wandered far from 
    The dusty pike.
I came to a river
    Deep and cool,
In a shady place
    Near a dark, deep pool.
I sat down to rest 
    For a minute.
The river seemed queer
    As I gazed in it.
Then on the bottom
    I noticed a shell.
It seemed to open,
    Then something came out;
'Twas a funny thing
    And it moved about.
Then it came right up
    To the top, and gee!
'Twas the tiniest elf
    You ever did see.
I kept looking,
    Then heard him say:
"To do this for you
    I've come a long way.
I live in the ocean,
    Deep and wide,
And many a class
    Have I prophesied.
But never have I
    Such classes found
As those that come
    From Battle Ground.
Now gaze into
    This image pool,
And see your friends
    After leaving school."
Frances Johnson was
    Leading the line.
I said: "She's not a 
    Classmate of mine.
Oh, Elf!  You've made 
    A mistake--I see
Your showing me
    The class of '23."
He said: "I know that;
    That is true,
But none would come
    And look but you.
And after coming
    So far I must
Show this to some one
    That I can trust.
And none of the
    Class of '23
Would come quite
    Near enough to see."
So I said: "All right:
    Just bring them in."
You should have seen
    His funny grin.
Now, Mary Rohrabaugh
    Led the line,
Singing and dancing
    In perfect time.
The elf explained
    That for her age
She was the best
    Actress on the stage.
Then we saw inside
    A circus tent
And a funny clown,
    It seemed was bent
On making people
    Laugh and frown.
The elf explained
    This is Joe Brown.
Next a hospital
    Did appear,
With a doctor
    Looking very severe.
"That's Glenn Cassaday,"
    The elf said.
Then a nurse came in,
    And stood by the bed.
She cared for the 
    Patient tenderly.
This was Bernace Beeker
    I then did see.
I saw a man
    By a great big barn-
'Twas Floyd Kolb
    On his big farm.
Next came a 
    Political leader grand
'Twas Loren Connolly
    The talk of the land.
Glen Miller was
    Known everywhere,
For his track work
    None could compare.
Blanche Boyce was
    A musician of fame,
And newspapers everywhere
    Printed her name.
Then I saw away
    Out in the west
John Burkhardt constructing
    A bridge like the best.
Next I saw
    A great big store;
Cliff Cassaday owned this,
    And like it two more.
Willard Ransdell was
    A traffic cop.
Bill Roadruck run
    A shoe-shining shop.
Mary Reynolds was 
    A primary teacher,
And in a small church
    Norwood Dillman was a preacher.
Frances Johnson now
    Ended the list--
With a happy family
    She was blest.
The elf said that
    When it was time
He would come and show me
    The classmates of mine.
Then I thanked him,
    And down he fell,
And climbed into
    His tiny shell.
It closed up tight
    And moved away
Towards the sea
    Where he doth live and play.

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