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The Greenfield-Farmer's Intitute Monthly Meeting
Tippecanoe County, Indiana

Greenfield Monthly Meeting was set off from Sugar River Monthly and first held the 15th of Sixth Month 1844.
 The meeting was formerly known as Flint Creek.  It is located in Union Township.  In 1888 the name was
changed to Farmer's Institute in order to conform to the name of the post office.

Abbreviations Used in these Records

Monthly Meeting Records
These records are kept in the vault of the Western Yearly Meetinghouse in Plainfield.  The material
searched for this publication is marked (*).  These records were originally published in
Abstracts of the Records of the Society of Friends in Indiana, part five, edited by
Willard Heiss, and are made available with the permission of the
Indiana Historical Society.

 Men's Minutes                            Women's Minutes
6-15-1844 : 10-19-1861*           6-15-1844 : 1-18-1868*
11-16-1861 : 8-15-1865             2-15-1868 : 10-21-1882

  Joint Minutes
9-12-1885 : 4-15-1905*
5-20-1905 : 7-9-1933*

Membership Record*

 Birth and Death Records

 Monthly Meeting Records

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