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Biographies from the History of Vigo and Parke Counties, H W Beckwith

History of Vigo County, Indiana
With Biographical Selections
H C Bradsby
S B Nelson & co., Publishers
The Index for the above book can be found here in searchable pdf format.
Pages: 655 - 729, 730 - 804, 805 - 879, 880 - 954, 955 - 1010
Greater Terre Haute
Vigo County
By the Late Mr C C Oakley
Volume 1 ~ Illustrated
The Lewis Publishing Company
Chicago & New York
Chapter XIV
Remarkable Men in Commerce, Law, Medicine and Politics,
Famous Orators, The Men Who Held High Official Positions,
Memoirs of Famous and Interesting Citizens of the County and City
Use the index below and access the pages here.

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Adamson, A G [Mrs] 157 Jenckes, John 167
Aspinwall, Eleazer 151 Jenckes, Joseph S 140
Baird, John P 139-140 Jordan, George 153
Barbour, Daniel 152 Kussner, Amelia 147
Blatchley, W S 168 Lalumiere, SP 164
Booth, Hannah [Mrs] 156 Lamb, Michael 167
Buckingham, W H 163 Lamb, Michael 162
Burnett, Linus A 148 Lange, Albert 143-144
Chamberlain, Augustus L 164-165 Linder, U F 168
Clark, William 149 Long, J H 164
Clark, William 166 Malone, Samuel 165
Clarke, Thomas H 163 McDonald, Samuel 168-169
Collett, John 153 McGregor, Alexander 165
Cook ,James 166 Modesitt, Charles B 149-151
Cook, Phoebe A [Mrs] 156 Moffatt, James T 163
Davis, John G 167 Nelson, George 167-168
Deming, Demas Sr 160 Patrick, George W 163
Deming, No Given Name [Judge] 146 Patterson, C Y 138-139
Dowling, Thomas 147-148 Preston, Nathaniel 152
Duncan, John 165 Puckett, Thomas 157
Durham, Thomas 165 Read, Ezra 148-149
Duy, George C 139 Read, Ezra 151
Early, Jacob D 160 Read, Ezra 161
Edwards, W K 136-137 Richardson, George B 152-153
Ellis, George F 163 Rose, Chauncey 140-143
Fairbanks, Henry 166 Ross, Harry 144-146
Farrington, James 146-147 Scott, John 147
Farrington, James 160 Shuler, Lawrence S 149
Fuller, Orson 165-166 Smith, C C 163
Fuller, Sophia [Mrs] 154-155 Smith, Ezra W 144
Gilbert, Curtis 160 Smith, Zenas 166
Goodman, Micajah 152 Thompson, R W 133-136
Gookins, Samuel B 132-133 Tillotson, Rodney 163
Grace, Martin 158 Turner, John G 165
Graff, J V 168 Voorhees, Daniel W 137-138
Gregg, Worrell 162-163 Warren, C M 168
Griswold, W D 140 Warren, Levi G 160-161
Griswold, William D 161 Watson, John H 161-162
H, B M 162 Whitcomb, James 164
Habermeyer, George 162 Wood, Charlotte 153-154
Hager, John B 166 Wood, William Maxwell 154
Hamilton, Emsley 167 Woodruff, Theodore T 164
Hammon, Abram A 166  
Harding, George C 163-164
Hervey, Robert G 164
Hickcox, Marvin M 167
Huntington, Elisha M 161

Chapter VII
The Pioneers - Genesis of the Early Settlers.

This Chapter has a lot of miscellaneous information as to ethnic origins, and those can be read from the book which can be downloaded from the Internet Archives:

Since the book is not biographical in nature, I thought that the two paragraphs in the Pioneer Chapter were worth extracting. The following paragraphs begin on Page 45 and end on Page 46.

"At least one pioneer, Frederick Ross, was from Maine. J O Jones came from New Hampshire. Vermont was the original home of not a few well known families in this County. Naturally, Massachusetts contributed citizens to this as to nearly all western communities. The Farringtons claim Boston as the old family seat. Judge Gookins' ancestry were of the Plymouth Colony, while the first American member of the Fairbanks family located at Dedham in 1633. To Connecticut we can trace the old home of the Demings, the family having been established at Wethersfield in 1636. About the same year the Gilberts had located at Hartford, and that town was also the home of the family which Chauncey Rose made distinguished in Indiana. The Jenckes family belonged to Rhode Island, the Welsh progenitors having located there at an early date. A street in Providence is named Jenckes. The Allens came from eastern New York, also Harry Ross, and in the history of individual families of Vigo County, New York state is probably mentioned s the state of birth more often than any other in the east. From New jersey came the Hudnuts and the Pattersons, the latter being of Irish stock. The Colletts are English, who first settled in Delaware, and the grandfather of Josephus moved to Pennsylvania during the Revolutionary war, and the family moved to Terre haute from Ohio. Not a few families claim Pennsylvania as their old home state, among them the McKeens. The Minshalls, who are English on both sides, divide their allegiance between Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. "

"Though Terre haute drew nothing in permanent institutions or population from the French of Vincennes, it has drawn a number from those who followed the French in the old post. There was the notable citizen, Nathaniel Ewing, who went to Vincennes in 1807 as receiver of the United States land office at that place. His daughter Rachel married Daniel Jenckes, of Terre Haute, and Mrs Dr John Wood is their daughter. His daughter Sarah married james Farrington, and George E Farrington is the son of the couple. An Episcopal clergyman of Vincennes as early as 1823 was Rev. Henry Shaw. His daughter married Colonel Robert N Hudson."

Greater Terre Haute and Vigo County: Closing The First Century's History Of City And County.
By The late Mr C C Oakey: Vol I
1908: The Lewis Publishing Company, Chicago & New York
Transcribed by: Martha A Crosley Graham, 1 March 2013


A Biographical and Historical

Review of the World's Greatest Industry.

Arthur M. Hull,


Sydney A. Hale,

Associate Editor




“The Coal Men of Indiana”

Pages 96 > 115

This is a great history of the Coal Industry in the United States:

The Chapter for Indiana has been parsed out, with the Sketches transcribed & Photographs copied.

The Sketches can be found here. Addition to the Sketches are snippits which include others who were involved in the Coal business, most of the snippits include a date and location of birth. [Pages 107-115]


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