Wabash County, IN

Posted Queries for August thru October 1998

Researcher: Kerry Butler
Email: kbutler@biztech.net
Date posted: Friday, August 7, 1998

I am looking for parents and relatives of my grandparents, Herman Ephriham BUTLER and Minnie Belle BUTLER (nee SCOTT). children: Margurite, Harold L, Lucille, Mildred May, Lee (LeMoine?) b. 1910, Kathryn (Katie?) L., and Jack Richard (my father). They were residents of Wabash Co in the early part of this century up to the 1950's.

Lee BUTLER and his daughters, Peggy and Candy (Candance?), moved to Santa Clara, CA sometime before 1954. Recently another cousin, Mike Lacasa, was contacted on the phone by a daughter of Lee with a last name of Anderson. She was looking for Butler relatives. I would also like to hear from this daughter or someone who knows of her. Thank you.

Researcher: Jo Ann Beasley
Email: gbea434130@aol.com
Date posted: Friday, August 7, 1998

I am researching the ancestors of Charles OREN b. 4 Dec. 1874 in Roann, Wabash Co., IN. Charles' siblings included Jesse Pascal b.1864, Samantha Jane b.1865, Laura Alice b.1867, Clara b. 1872, and (infant)b.& d. 1881. Parents of Charles OREN were George OREN b.12 Dec. 1842 in Miami Co., OH, d. (date?) Anson, Jones Co., TX, and Priscilla MILLER b.6 June 1844, d. 1 Aug. 1891. George's parents were George OREN b.4 April 1797 in Penn., and Elizabeth FRAME b.1805 in VA, d.28 Sept. 1873 in Roann, Wabash Co., IN. Priscilla's parents were John Miller b.24 March 1800 in Germany and Elizabeth STEELE b.16 March 1807, d. 28 Sept. 1863 in Roann, Wabash Co., IN.

My questions: 1)Did George and Priscilla get married in Roann (Their marriage date is 12 Sept. 1862)and is there a record of it? 2)Did George (the father) and Elizabeth get married in Roann, what was the date and is there a record? 3)Is George b.1797 buried at Roann? What is his date of death? 4)Is John Miller buried at Roann? What is his date of death? 5 )Did John Miller's parents live/die in Roann? What were their names? 6) Did George's (1797) or Elizabeth's parents live/die in Roann? Names? ANY answer to this riot of questions will be greatly appreciated!!
Jo Ann Beasley - Clyde, Texas e-mail: gbea434130@aol.com

Surnames: BUTLER
Researcher: Kerry Butler
Email: kbutler@biztech.net
Date posted: Friday, August 14, 1998

My uncle, Harold BUTLER, born approx 1914, was married and had a number of children, and lived in or around Wabash in the (I guess) 1940s. He subsequently moved to Oregon or Washington State (my bet is Oregon) without his family, who stayed behind. Harold's father was Herman BUTLER. I am looking for names for Harold's wife and his children. I believe Harold is deceased since 1980s. The children of Harold would be of ages around 64 yrs and up today. A Harold Butler marriage license issued in 1917 could not be my uncle's as he was only 3 at the time, but that Harold BUTLER may have been Herman's brother, whom he named his first son after - not sure about that. Thanks to all. Kerry Butler. kbutler@biztech.net

Researcher: Sally Grant
Email: sgrant@mail.connecti.com
Date posted: Sunday, September 6, 1998

Elizabeth KENDALL, b. 1826 in what is now Wabash Co., IN, m. William Walter Washington COCHRAN, b. 1822 in Warren Co., IN. The family lived for sometime in Indiana before moving to Kansas so they could vote to make Kansas a free state. Children were Lon Grant COCHRAN b. 4-2-1867, Riveldo COCHRAN b. 4-15-1857, Omar Kendall COCHRAN b. 5-18-1862.

Researcher: Selma Bonewald
Email: bearfoot@tds.net
Date posted: Sunday, September 6, 1998

Looking for information on these BENNETT families. Lindsey BENNETT b.1793 NJ and wife Rachel OAKLEY, Aaron BENNETT b.abt 1801 NJ and wife, Hulda WATKINS, & their father, Aaron BENNETT Sr. who came to Wabash Co., Indiana about 1840 from Ohio. I believe Aaron Sr died 1840 -1850 in Wabash. Lindsey and Rachel moved to Missouri by 1850. I am willing to exchange information.

Researcher: Nathan Carpenter
Email: ncarpenter1@juno.com
Date posted: Monday, September 7, 1998

Looking for information on the death date of Mary (DOTTS) BRIGHT (b. Feb 1847), wife of Levi BRIGHT (1841-abt 1895). Levi and Mary had the following children: Albert (b.1868), John (b.1870), Lulu (b.1873), William (b.1875), Kenneth (b.1877), Lee (b.1881), Nellie (b.1892). Mary was in Liberty twp. at the time of the 1900 US Federal Census.

Researcher: Marta
Email: VMarta@aol.com
Date posted: Wednesday, September 9, 1998

Hello- I am seeking information on the following line. Please contact me if you can add to this. Thank you. Marta

John HUNT, born 12 Feb 1806 in NY and died 4 Mar 1886 in Wabash Co., IN He married Ann _?_, who died Feb 1879 in Wabash Co., IN Their children were:

Nancy A. HUNT: b. 1832? in NY

Horace HUNT, b. 1836? in NY

William H. HUNT, b. 1838? in NY

James H. HUNT, b. 28 Fev 1845 in NY, d. 4 Jan 1902 in Wabash Co., IN. He married Elizabeth C. HELTZEL (b. 13 Nov 1840 and d. 28 Sept 1903 in Wabash Co., IN) Their children were: Solesta Lorena HUNT, Minnie Myrtle HUNT, Viola H. HUNT, Lola Olive HUNT, and Rudolph HUNT and all were born in Wabash Co., IN. (I have vital information on each of these children of James and Elizabeth also.)

Emmaline HUNT, b. 1847? in NY. She married William WATSON.

Researcher: Corbly L. Holt
Email: jan2166@gte.net
Date posted: Wednesday, September 9, 1998

In search of birth records of Corbly Le Roy HOLT born March 18,1854 to Nancy STATLER in Somerset, Indiana.

Surnames: HAUPT, HOUPT
Researcher: James Houpt
Email: jhoupt@worldnet.att.net
Date posted: Thursday, September 17, 1998

I am interested in any information on any HAUPT / HOUPT surname in Wabash county. Thanks

Researcher: Linda Bonnell
Email: dbonnell@frii.com
Date posted: Friday, September 18, 1998

Hope to learn who my ggrandfather, Thomas D. TEN EYCK's parents were. May have been John TENAICK from 1820 Dearbourne census, moved into Wabash County before 1836 (believed to be when Tom was born). Louisa Pegg shows as John's wife with Willard TENEYCK born 1843 Milton, Wayne, Indiana and Martha 1855. If not John and Louisa, who were Thomas D. Ten Eyck's parents and siblings 1836 Wabash county, Indiana? Various spellings (Tom married Mary Jane LINES SAILORS but surname appeared TYNIKE. Civil War fiche shows Ira, Willard, Thomas and William TENEICK. Tombstone shows Thomas Teneycke with no dates (in Nebraska). Help! Please, and thanks!

Researcher: Linda Bonnell
Email: dbonnell@frii.com
Date posted: Friday, September 18, 1998

Reuben LINES had daughters Charlotte Caroline and Mary Jane. Charlotte married John Thomas SAILORS abt 1853, then died. He then married Mary Jane. After his death in 1876, Mary Jane married Thomas D. TEN EYCK (Tynike, Teneycke, Teneick) in 1878. Is there a marriage application upon which Thomas' parents, date of birth could be found ? Sailors and Ten Eyck moved into southeastern Nebraska after serving in Civil War. Lines often mistaken for LYONS. Where and when were Charlotte and Mary Jane born? Plz+ thnx

Researcher: Linda Bonnell
Email: dbonnell@frii.com
Date posted: Friday, September 18, 1998

John Thomas SAILORS married Charlotte Caroline LINES abt 1853. Who were their children? When she died, he married her sister, Mary Jane Lines. Who were their children? John Sailors died in 1876. In 1878, Mary Jane married Thomas D. TEN EYCK in Nabaska. Each man fought in the Indiana volunteer 11th infantry during the Civil War. Any help? Plz and thnx

Surnames: HULL, MILLER
Researcher: Vicki Miller Luoma
Email: vmluoma@hotmail.com
Date posted: Sunday, September 20, 1998

I am seeking any information concerning Hannabal Lincoln MILLER, born October 11, 1860 in Wabash Co. Indiana and died April 17, 1904 in Wabash County. Lincoln was married to Minerva Jane HULL, born August 8, 1963 in Windsor Canada and died November 5, 1935 in Elwood, Indiana. The parties were married on August 5, 1881 in Lexington, MO.

Surnames: COX
Researcher: Karen Cox
Email: gwcox@earthlink.net
Date posted: Friday, October 2, 1998

Looking for information on Lafayette COX, listed in the 1860 census in Wabash County. Trying to determine if he possibly moved to Franklin Co and married Elizabeth J. Linville in 1864. Would appreciate hearing from anyone who has info on Lafayette or on Albert COX (the male head of household) and the remainder of this Cox family.

Researcher: Sally Hatfield
Email: waldo185@aol.com
Date posted: Thursday, October 8, 1998

I have the marriage Cert. for my ggGranparents, Moses and Milinda VANDUYN. I have found them on the 1850 census, but my gGrandma, Hanna Jane VanDuyn ( went by Jane), was born in 1854, I can not find them or her anywhere after 1850. Jane later married Milo Hale ELLIS (went by Hale). They ran away and married in Michigan, but their children were born in Wabash, IN. Thanks!

Surnames: ELLIS
Researcher: Sally Hatfield
Email: waldo185@aol.com
Date posted: Thursday, October 8, 1998

Some of my ELLIS relatives from Wabash Co. were employed by the Rail Road. Would like to know what railroads went through Wabash in the late 1800's. I know both Ralph and Milo Hale ELLIS (goes by Hale) were RR Detectives! Thanks!

Researcher: Pat Ramsey Chitty
Email: patty@i1.net
Date posted: Friday, October 9, 1998

Elizabeth BREEZE b ca 1848-1851 m. William Henry RAMSEY in Posey Co In 1869. It's believed she may have been born in Wabash Co. My grgrandmother would love info on her and her parents. Thanks, Pat

Surnames: MCMILLAN
Researcher: Richard Harris
Email: harrisr@milexcite.com
Date posted: Saturday, October 10, 1998

Looking for any info on Cuvius C. MCMILLAN Born: January 31, 1868 in Wabash, or any MCMILLAN Family info.

Researcher: Paul DeBelling
Email: debelling@msn.com
Date posted: Friday, October 16, 1998

Louisa/e J. SMITH, b. ~1861, in Wabash, m. John HUDDLESTON. They were in Ks. , Neb., and Colo. Her father was John SMITH, from Ohio. Any info. on her parents will help. John SMITH is a tough name to research. I need help. debelling@msn.com

Surnames: BEGHTEL
Researcher: Jane B. Lewis
Email: wajalew@wcoil.com
Date posted: Wednesday, October 21, 1998

Seeking obituary of James BEGHTEL who was born Jun 8, 1868 in Noble Twp, Wabash County and died Feb 19, 1902 in Urbana, Wabash County, Indiana.

Researcher: Dollie D. Belleer
Email: Doodle2Bug@aol.com
Date posted: Friday, October 23, 1998

CAROTHERS, Mary Ann. Died 1874 Wabash, IN. Lived in KY before coming to Wabash, IN. She was married to William Collins HACKNEY.

Surnames: SAILORS
Researcher: L. Blomquist
Email: patriots@web-o.net
Date posted: Monday, October 26, 1998

Looking for William H. SAILORS, born 1844, died March 1903. Found dead outside the National Military Home in Marion, Indiana, where he was living. He was a civil war veteran, having served in the 8th Regiment. His son, Arthur was born in 1872 and was later boarding with George and Susannah Flook on the 1880 census.

Would like to find William H. SAILORS father, mother, and wife.

Was told that his son, Arthur, may have lived with an aunt, perhaps William's sister, who was murdered.

Researcher: Joe Cole
Email: jfcole@alltel.net
Date posted: Saturday, October 31, 1998

I revieved by mail a book "The leading Facta of American History" by Montgomery in 1897. Inside this book are hand written notes, poems & some pictures by it seems a child Eva DELAUGHTER of North Manchester, Indiana. I research the DeLAUGHTER families that lived in the 17 & 1800's in SC and am interested in contact with anyone who has information on the DeLAUGHTER's in Indiana. Most of Eve's notes are dated 1897-98. Some of the other names shes' written in pages besides Eva are her cousin Ekora DeLAUGHTER, Frank DEACALH, Edwin DIFENBAUGH, Mr. Frank HOOVER, Miss Clara A. KERMAN, Clara A. MILLER. There are a number of classmates from various years mentioned also. If anyone is interested I'll be glad to send scanned images that Eva & others have written & drawn in this book. Joe

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