Do you have a little time available? If you would like to assist with the development of this wonderful county, I would love to have you join me in creating a worthwhile genealogical and historical depository for Wayne County. The following information will help you decide how you can be of assistance:

  • Do you have old photographs of people or places of Wayne County that you would like to share? They can be posted here.
  • Got old postcards depicting Wayne County? This would be a great place to post them.
  • Do you love photography? How about photographing a cemetery for display on this web site?
  • Interesting in tracking families in Wayne County? Check out the Family Genealogy web page. Whether an ancestor and family lived in the county 1 year or a 100 years this is a fun project.
  • I love transcribing information about genealogy and history. What about you? I can send you PDF pages via email (or by regular mail) that you can transcribe from the comforts of your home. Examples: history, biographies, census, deed indexes and original deeds, will indexes and original wills, ... there is so much to do, you name it and I'll make it happen!
  • Are you good at scanning typed pages for errors? We need volunteers to proofread pages that have been transcribed by another person.
  • Here we go with photography again ... Can you take pictures in and around Wayne County of historic places, old buildings, wonderful architecture of current buildings, old bridges, old homes, schools, churches .... your photos can find a home here.
  • Do you have access to the Indiana State Library or the Indiana State Archives? Volunteer to locate and transcribe information for this site.
  • Can you do lookups? Many researchers want and need information from books about Wayne County that may only be located in libraries in the state of Indiana, or you may have a Wayne County book in your own genealogy library ... volunteer to do Look-ups. Please go to the Look-up page for further information.
  • Do you know about a web site that has information about Wayne County? I am interested in locating web sites that depict information about Wayne County cemeteries, families, any genealogically or historical data will do. Send me the link and I will post the information on our Resources page.
  • Do you have an idea about how you would like to contribute to this web site? Send me an email!

County Coordinator
Darlene Anderson