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Casualties of WWI

Stanley G. Akers

Fred Allman

Walter Arbuckle

Francis M. Brewer

Frank W. Burbrink

Robert S. Caseboldt

Henry E. Cobb

James C. Cox

Virgil Fountain

Vance H. Gossman

Michael C. Graves

Orvil E. Greenlee

Hubert Hackman

Martin A. Hagan

Chester A. Hartwell

Lebert Huckleberry

Harry A. Leslie

Albert M. Lewis

Lockhart, Clarence

Fred R. Lubker

James Lucas

Carl Mitchell

Leslie L. Mount

William J. Myers

James H. Pruden

Joseph E. Schill

James B. Stewart

Louis J. Tabor

Charles W. Thompson

Arvie R. Wilson

Edward P. Zimmerman