Biographies - M

  1. Mackey, Charles, Dr
  2. Macklin, Israel buried Daugherty
  3. Macklin, Jacob D buried Daugherty
  4. Macklin, Philip buried Daugherty
  5. Malin, Jesse S buried Green Park
  6. Manor, Charles L buried in Randolph Co, IN
  7. Manor, William M
  8. Marker, James T buried Twin Hill
  9. Martin, Albert buried Twin Hill
  10. Martin, Frank buried Dunkirk IOOF
  11. Martin, Frederick
  12. Martin, Henry buried Mount Zion
  13. Martin, Oliver "O P" buried Claycomb
  14. Mason, Samuel, Dr buried Maple Lawn
  15. May, Francis Hart buried in Grant Co, iN
  16. May, George Christian buried Claycomb
  17. May, Jacob P buried in Randolph Co, IN
  18. Maynard, Ezra buried in Blackford Co, IN
  19. Mays, James S buried Salamonia

  20. McCartney, Andrew
  21. McCollister, William Elza buried Gravel Hill
  22. McConochy, Homer J buried Twin Hill
  23. McCoy, John Walker buried Green Park
  24. McFarland, Norman, Dr
  25. McGriff, Emerson E buried in Randolf Co, IN
  26. McKennett, James S
  27. McKinney, Anthony Wayne buried Hillcrest
  28. McCoy, Nathan
  29. McLaughlin, Francis Marion
  30. McLaughlin, Jacob B buried Lancaster
  31. McLaughlin, John buried Salamonia
  32. McLaughlin, John S
  33. McLaughlin, William H buried Liber

  34. Meeker, Frederick Edward buried Green Park
  35. Mendenhall, Jesse W buried in Randolph Co, IN
  36. Meredith, Peter S buried Twin Hill
  37. Merry, Frank W
  38. Metz, Vernon Ezra buried Little Salamonia
  39. Metzner, Wesley T buried Green Park

  40. Miles, J S
  41. Miller, Albe D
  42. Milligan, William F
  43. Milligan, Wilson H buried Bloomfield
  44. Mills, Hanson Fowler buried Green Park
  45. Minch, Joseph M buried Holy Trinity
  46. Mitchell, Cyrus Odell
  47. Mitchell, Joseph Harlin buried Salamonia

  48. Money, Samuel
  49. Montgomery, Isaac Allen "I A" buried Green Park
  50. Montgomery, William H buried Green Park
  51. Moran, James J buried Twin Hill
  52. Moran, Mark M, Dr buried Green Park
  53. Morehouse, Charles A buried Green Park
  54. Morrison, John A
  55. Mossler, Mose & Fred

  56. Murray, Donn Piatt, Dr buried in Delaware Co, IN
  57. Myers, John
  58. Myers, Sol

Updated 4/28/2018

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