?Jay County Photographs

Jay County Photographs

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Mary McDaniel, her sons the  Wright Brothers

James Redkey

E.E. Rhynearson, Rhynearson/Pingrey

Robert Bunch/Delia Clawson Harvey A. Smith
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Aaron Eugene Mendenhall, about 1895 Mendenhall Girls Charles Mendenhall & Family  (Stawsburg) Wedding photo of Albert Kuder and Catherine Kaufman 14 May 1878 John William TAYLOR and wife Turessa Bell (VIA) TAYLOR
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3 generations (Figel, Tharp, Herbert surnames) Smith/Paxson Alice (Votaw) Mendenhall and an unidentified grandchild Figel/Fikel Turessa Via Taylor and Children
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Children of William Mendenhall & Alice Votaw Wheat/Votaw Family reunion with Mendenhall girls The Rook Family The Charles Elmer & Eva L.(Miller) TAYLOR Family in Jay Co., IN summerof 1912 Enos and Eleanor (Gibson) Beeler
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Grandma Bunker Vetran John C. Pyle Alexander & Lucinda (Barricks) Johnston Dr.David S. Kinsey Dr. D.S. Kinsey & Neices
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Elvira(Wright)Walton and Ida John & Esther (Renner) Karns Walton/Smith/Paxson 4 generations photos Denney Family Reunion in Jay Co. 1907 Identities of those people in the Denney Reunion Photo
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Bloomfield School, 1897 Garfield School, grade 7 Unknown School Photo Unkown School #2 Unknown School #3
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Portland High Scool Round Ball Artists, 1917 The Bryant Band, 1910 Portland Boys Band, 1908 Salamonia School Play, about 1892 Church Photo, 1902
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1894 Salamonia Commencement Program Williams home and Store Center School 1934-35 Frank Loy Family Lewis Loy Family

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Roach Family

Raymond Hammitt Family

Rice Family  Log Cabin

Rice Cabin Location Today



Many thanks to Wayne Johnston, one of Jay County's previous assistant coordinators, for the beautiful scrapbook pages!

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