Newspaper Items Relating to Lafayette and Tippecanoe County



If you have Newspaper Articles relating to Tippecanoe County or family who lived here
 please let me know and I will include them.

Index to Legal Notices Found in Early Lafayette Newspapers
Includes Marriage, Divorce, Administration, etc. Notices


Index to Legal Notices Found in Early Lafayette Newspapers
Includes a Few Death Notices


News Items From the Lafayette Daily Journal

The Funeral of John Doffin and A Meeting of Soldiers
April 4 & 5, 1877

The Downs - Ensminger Case
July 9, 1878

Isaac Downs - John Holloway Murder Case
April 12, 1887

Dayton Community News Items
Selected papers, 1890-1903

The Hermit of Happy Hollow
Death of Jennie Jahonica
December 22, 1903

Old-Time Card Players
A Story About William Digby and Judge John Pettit
Fort Wayne Daily Gazette, April 16, 1881

Murder of David Martin at Columbus, Kansas  -  NEW
February, 1915

Leota Sarver - Harry P. Stinespring Wedding Announcement
January 28, 1905

List of Old Pioneers, October 2, 1879

 Lafayette and Tippecanoe County News Items Found in the
Fort Wayne, Indiana Newspapers, 1859, 1860 and 1879

1845 Fire Destroys Several Businesses 

Damas and Elizabeth Wheeler 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration
April 1, 1881

Republican Candidates for County Election, 1888
Biographical Sketches and Portraits

An Eyewitness Account of the
1840 Political Rally for William Henry Harrison
with a List of the Members of the Harrison Club of 1835 and 1840

Linnwood School Graduates ca. 1923/1924

News Gone By (off-site)
The Local Stories from the extent newspapers of Lafayette, Indiana
for the week of October 22, 1882

Fishing with Dynamite
Two young men horribly mutilated at Lafayette, Indiana, One Fatally

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