Transcribed U.S. Federal Census

1850, White County, Indiana
Alphabetically Indexed by Surname

Surname Index ( A-C )

****itin, Mary
Adames, Ann E.
Adames, Emily P.
Adames, James
Adames, John
Adames, John K.
Adames, Joseph A.
Adames, Martha
Adames, Ruth
Adames, Sarah
Adames, Sarah C.
Adams, Andrew J.
Adams, Elias J.
Adams, Hariet
Adams, Henry L. F.
Adams, John
Adams, Libes
Adams, Martha
Adams, Mary
Adams, Nancy
Adams, Nathaniel
Adams, Orin
Adams, Robert
Adams, Wm A.
Akire, Andrew J.
Akire, Ann
Akire, Barbary
Akire, Daniel
Akire, George W.
Akire, John
Akire, Judith
Akire, Manervy J.
Akire, Margaret
Akire, Mary
Akire, Robert
Akire, Sarah
Akire, Sarah C.
Akire, Simon
Akire, Wm.
Albert, Henry A.
Albert, Margaret
Albert, Rachel N.
Albert, Sarah
Alkire, Adam
Alkire, Adam
Alkire, Catharin
Alkire, Eliza Jane
Alkire, Ellen
Alkire, Izabell
Alkire, James
Alkire, Margaret
Alkire, Mary Jane
Alkire, Samuel
Alkire, Samuel
Alkire, Sarah
Alkire, Sarah M.
Alrap, Wm.
Ames, Elizabeth
Ames, Mary
Ames, Mucy
Ames, Ruben
Ames, Ruben
Ames, Zarelda
Anderson, ELija
Andrewes, Caroline
Andrewes, Catharine
Andrewes, Elias
Andrewes, Emeline
Andrewes, Genet
Andrewes, Matilda
Aperey, Elizabeth E.
Aperey, Mary
Aperey, Rachel
Archibald, David D.
Archibald, Margaret
Archibald, Maria J.
Armstrong, Adaline
Armstrong, Almina
Armstrong, Clinton J.
Armstrong, Eliza
Armstrong, Ellen
Armstrong, J. G.
Armstrong, Joseph
Armstrong, Malisia
Armstrong, Sarah
Arnold, Margaret Ann
Arnold, Wm.
Atherone, Belinda
Atherone, Jackson
Atherone, Mary D.
Athire, Harness
Athire, Rhody
Atkire, Dilbey
Atkire, Jason
Atkire, John
Atkire, Margaret
Atkire, Peter
Atkire, Rebecah
Atkire, Samuel
Austin, Catharin
Austin, Elizabeth
Austin, James
Austin, Jane
Austin, John
Auston, Robert

Bachelder, Asa L.
Bachelder, Celesher
Bachelder, Hariet A.
Bachelder, Nancy
Bachelder, Samuel
Bachelder, Samuel L.
Bachelder, Stewart
Bacon, Daniel
Bacon, Elizabeth
Bacon, Emily
Bacon, Harriet
Bacon, Ira
Bacon, Lafayette
Bacon, Margaret
Bacon, Marshal
Bacon, Martha
Bacon, Martha
Bacon, Mary
Bacon, Mary M.
Bacon, Ora
Bacon, Susana
Bacon, Albert
Bacon, Elizabeth
Bacon, Harriet
Bacon, Malinda
Bacon, Sylvester
Bacon, Syrus
Bacon, Wm. A.
Baggs, James
Bailey, Ann
Bailey, Asa
Bailey, James
Bailey, Louiza
Bailey, Mary
Bailey, Mary
Bailey, Phinius
Bailey, Rebah
Bailey, Simon
Baley, Elizabeth
Baley, John W.
Baley, Maria A.
Baley, Mary Ann
Baley, Nathaniel
Baley, Orphy
Baley, Rebecah
Baley, Sarah
Ball, Benjamin
Ball, John
Ball, Martha A.
Ball, Oliver
Ball, Percilla
Bane, Edward
Barcus, Eliza
Barcus, Hugh H.
Barcus, Nancy J.
Barcus, Nathaniel
Barcus, Samuel
Barcus, Shincy A.
Barcus, Wm.
Barcus, Wm. J.
Bare, Amanda
Bare, Benjamin
Bare, Caleb
Bare, Elias H.
Bare, Emily Jane
Bare, George A.
Bare, George W.
Bare, Henry
Bare, Hiram
Bare, Isaac
Bare, Izabell
Bare, John
Bare, Julian
Bare, Louiza
Bare, Rosan A.
Bare, Rosana
Bare, Wm.
Bare, Wm.
Barkhurst, Ener
Barlbey, Catharine
Barlbey, George R.
Barnes, Alexander
Barnes, Allen
Barnes, Allen
Barnes, Amos M.
Barnes, Angaline
Barnes, Archible
Barnes, Charles
Barnes, Charles
Barnes, Charles H.
Barnes, Cyrus
Barnes, David
Barnes, Doctor F.
Barnes, Elizabeth
Barnes, Ellen
Barnes, George
Barnes, George K.
Barnes, George W.
Barnes, J. G.
Barnes, James
Barnes, James
Barnes, James
Barnes, James E.
Barnes, Jane
Barnes, John
Barnes, John
Barnes, John
Barnes, John A.
Barnes, John P.
Barnes, Lavina J.
Barnes, Lewis
Barnes, Mary
Barnes, Mary
Barnes, Mary A.
Barnes, Mary Ann
Barnes, Mary E.
Barnes, Mary E.
Barnes, Pheby A.
Barnes, Richard K.
Barnes, Robert
Barnes, Samuel B.
Barnes, Sarah
Barnes, Sarah Ann
Barnes, Sarah Jane
Barnes, Shincy
Barnes, Thomas
Barnes, Thomas
Barnes, Thomas
Barnes, Thomas A.
Barnes, Thomas E.
Barnes, Thomas W.
Barnes, Wilson
Barnes, Wm.
Barnes, Wm.
Barnes, Wm. T.
Barr, Alphfred
Barr, Cyrus
Barr, Eliza Jane
Barr, Elizabeth
Barr, Elizabeth
Barr, Hannah
Barr, James
Barr, Jane
Barr, Jane
Barr, John
Barr, Joseph J.
Barr, Lydia
Barr, Malissa Ann
Barr, Margaret
Barr, Marner
Barr, Mary M.
Barr, Minerva
Barr, Moses L.
Barr, Moses L.
Barr, Pinkney F.
Barr, Robert
Barr, Sarah C.
Barr, Smith M.
Barr, Susana A.
Barr, Thomas
Barr, Wm.
Barr, Ziba H.
Bartholomew, Almira
Bartholomew, Julianna
Bartholomew, Mary
Bartholomew, Robert
Barton, Edward
Bass, Wm.
Baum, Adam
Baum, Charles
Baum, Harriet
Baum, Henry
Baum, John C.
Baum, Martha M.
Baum, Mary
Baum, Mary
Baum, Rachel
Baum, Rebecah
Baum, Winfield
Baum, Zachariah
Beach, Christopher
Beach, Christopher
Beach, George
Beach, Henry
Beach, Jane
Beach, Lydia
Beach, Perry
Beach, Sarah
Beach, Simon
Beachamp, Aaron
Beachamp, Francis M.
Beachamp, James
Beachamp, John
Beachamp, Margaret
Beachamp, Nancy
Beachamp, Nancy Jane
Beachamp, Rachel
Beachamp, Sarah Jane
Beachamp, Wm
Bearcy, George
Bearcy, Isaac
Bearcy, Isaac
Bearcy, Maria
Bearcy, Mary Jane
Bearcy, Percilla
Bearcy, Thomas
Beard, George C.
Beard, Hannah
Beard, Jackson
Beard, Margaret C.
Beard, Mary A.
Beard, Sarah
Beard, Thomas
Beard, Wm.
Beaver, Rachel
Beaver, Samuel
Beaver, Susana
Bechanan, Jacob
Bechanan, Joseph
Bechanan, Joseph
Bechanan, Margaret
Belingham, Aaron
Bell, Denis
Bell, Elizabeth
Bell, Hariet
Bell, John R.
Bell, Joseph
Bell, Martha Jane
Bell, Pheby F.
Bell, Samuel C.
Benjamin, Abel
Benjamin, Elizabeth
Benjamin, Elizabeth
Benjamin, Elizabeth
Benjamin, Ezabel
Benjamin, George W.
Benjamin, Izabell
Benjamin, Malinda
Benjamin, Malinda
Benjamin, Malinda
Benjamin, Mary
Benjamin, Mary
Benjamin, Philip
Benjamin, Philip
Benjamin, Philip M.
Benjamin, Philip M.
Benjamin, Samuel
Bennel, James W.
Bennet, Gilbert
Bennet, Madison
Bennet, Martha
Bennet, Samuel V.
Bennett, Adam D.
Bennett, Clara
Bennett, James W.
Bennett, Lenard
Bennett, Martha
Bennett, Mary Ann
Bennett, Sarah A.
Bennett, Wm.
Berge, Charles W.
Berge, Diana
Berge, Ezekiel
Berge, Hannah
Berge, Thiney
Berge, Thomas J.
Berkey, Margaret
Berkey, Mary L.
Berkey, Michel
Berkey, Tilmon
Berkey, Wm. L.
Bert, Adam
Bert, Oracia
Besey, George
Best, Adam
Best, Oratio
Bett, Caroline
Bett, Eliza Ann
Biddle, Catharine J.
Biddle, Milton
Biddle, Sarah
Biddle, Wm.
Bilingsley, Mary
Bilingsley, Walter
Bilingsly, Ester
Bilingsly, George M.
Bilingsly, John
Bilingsly, John A.
Bilingsly, Wm.
Biner, Abner W.
Biner, Abraham
Biner, Hannah
Biner, John B.
Biner, Nancy
Biner, Percilla B.
Birch, Amos
Birch, Catharine
Birch, Charlote
Birch, Elizabeth
Birch, Francis A.
Birch, John
Birch, John
Birch, Joseph
Birch, Joshua
Birch, Sarah E.
Birch, Thomas L.
Birch, Wm.
Bishir, Christopher
Bishir, Emily
Bishir, Hannah
Bishir, Isaiah
Bishir, Jeremiah
Bishir, Jeremiah
Bishir, John
Bishir, Malinda
Bishir, Malinda
Bishir, Mary
Bishir, Miles
Bishop, Abraham
Bishop, Amanda
Bishop, Catharin J.
Bishop, Christina
Bishop, David
Bishop, Henry
Bishop, Henry
Bishop, Henry A.
Bishop, James
Bishop, Jane
Bishop, John
Bishop, John
Bishop, John
Bishop, Lorence
Bishop, Lucinda
Bishop, Margaret
Bishop, Margaret
Bishop, Mary
Bishop, Mary
Bishop, Maryann
Bishop, Miranda
Bishop, Nancy Jane
Bishop, Peter
Bishop, Rebecah
Bishop, Sarah
Bishop, Sarah A.
Bishop, Wm.
Bivenes, Betsyann
Bivenes, Elizabeth
Bivenes, Hannah
Bivenes, John
Bivenes, Joseph
Bivenes, Mary
Bivenes, Philipa
Bivenes, Sarah Jane
Black, Elizabeth
Black, ELner
Black, Thomas
Black, Wm.
Blackburn, Daniell
Blackburn, Elias
Blackburn, Jane
Blackburn, John
Blackburn, Robert
Blackburn, Sarah Jane
Blackburn, Wm.
Blikeman, Wm.
Blizard, Caroline M.
Blizard, Elmira
Blizard, Elmira
Blizard, Sarah
Blizard, Sarahann
Blizard, Sirena E.
Blizard, Wesley
Bostic, Addilla
Bostic, Daniel C.
Bostic, Isabel
Bostic, Joseph
Bostic, Russell
Bostic, Thomas
Bostic, Wm.
Bott, Sarah
Bott, Wm.
Bowen, Francis M.
Bowen, George W.
Bowen, Margaret
Bowen, Nancy J.
Bowen, Rachel
Bowen, Sanford
Bowen, Shedrick
Bowen, Wm.
Bowers, Daniel
Bowers, Elizabeth A.
Bowers, James
Bowers, Lavilla Jane
Bowers, Mary Ann
Bowley, Archibald
Bowley, Calvin C.
Bowley, Elizabeth
Bowley, Elizabeth
Bowley, James W.
Bowley, Mary E.
Bowley, Nathan R.
Bowley, Sarah Ann
Bowley, Wesley W.
Bowley, Zenes
Bowman, George
Bowman, Ruth
Boze, Elizabeth J.
Boze, George
Boze, Hesekiah
Boze, Malinda
Boze, Margaret
Boze, Mary C.
Boze, Maryann
Boze, Sarah
Boze, Wm.
Boze, Wm.
Brackney, Arthur
Brackney, Hariet
Brady, Ann J.
Brady, Catharine
Brady, Elizabeth
Brady, Emmy
Brady, John
Brady, Louiza
Brady, Margaret
Brady, Mary B.
Brady, Nathaniel C.
Brady, Sarah
Brailey, Ann
Braily, Alphred J.
Braily, Leonora
Braily, Mary B.
Braily, Ophelia
Braily, Randol[h
Brakenridge, Charles
Brannan, Jacosty
Brannan, John W.
Brannan, Joseph M.
Brannan, Rachel
Brannan, Sarah
Brannan, Thomas C.
Brannan, Wm. H.
Braught, Alvin W.
Braught, Margaret
Braught, Martha
Braught, Susan A.
Briant, Rhoann
Brice, Catharin
Brice, Cyrus
Brice, Hannah
Brice, Izabel
Brice, Nancy Jane
Brice, Wm.
Bridges, Albert R.
Bridges, George V.
Bridges, Lydia
Bridges, Mary M.
Bridges, Sarah E.
Bridges, Susana
Briggs, Alexander
Briggs, Emmeline
Briggs, James
Briggs, John
Briggs, Martha
Briggs, Wm. R.
Briner, James
Britton, Henry
Britton, Sophia
Broadie, JOhn B.
Broadie, Joseph
Broadie, Lorinda
Broadie, Robert
Brodwick, Joseph
Brookes, Felix
Brookes, George
Brookes, James
Brookes, John
Brookes, Joseph
Brookes, Mary
Brookes, Welthy
Brookes, Wesley
Brown, Allen
Brown, Amanda
Brown, Benjamin
Brown, Catharen
Brown, Edward
Brown, Elias
Brown, Eliza Jane
Brown, Emme
Brown, George
Brown, George
Brown, Hannah
Brown, Hannah
Brown, Jane
Brown, Jessey
Brown, Joel
Brown, Johiel
Brown, John
Brown, John
Brown, John W.
Brown, Joseph
Brown, Liberty M.
Brown, Lucinda
Brown, Margaret
Brown, Margaret
Brown, Mary
Brown, Maryann
Brown, Rebecah
Brown, Robert L.
Brown, Sarah A.
Brown, Sarah Ann
Brown, Sarah Jane
Brown, Wm.
Brown, Wm.
Brown, Wm.
Brown, Wm.
Buckling, Clarissa C.
Buckling, Emeline
Buckling, Emeline
Buckling, Frederick B.
Buckling, Hester Jane
Buckling, John
Buckling, Margaret A.
Buckling, North
Buckling, Robert
Bugh, Elizabeth
Bugh, Hariet
Bugh, Henry
Bugh, James L.
Bugh, Martha
Bugh, Mary
Bugh, Wm. H.
Bulger, Cherill
Bulger, Cherilla
Bulger, James W.
Bulger, Lucy
Bulger, Manervy
Bulger, Marier
Bulger, Martha
Bulla, Abigal
Bulla, Edgar
Bulla, James
Bulla, Levi
Bulla, Rolley
Bunget, Daniel
Bunget, Frederick
Bunget, Hannah
Bunget, Silas
Bunnell, Abraham R.
Bunnell, Benjamin
Bunnell, Bergillar
Bunnell, Eliza Ann
Bunnell, Elizabeth
Bunnell, Elizabeth Jane
Bunnell, Esther
Bunnell, George W.
Bunnell, John B.
Bunnell, John N.
Bunnell, John W.
Bunnell, Joshua
Bunnell, Margaret E.
Bunnell, Maria L.
Bunnell, Nancy
Bunnell, Nancy
Bunnell, Nancy
Bunnell, Nancy Ann
Bunnell, Nancy Jane
Bunnell, Nathaniel
Bunnell, Nathaniel F.
Bunnell, Nathaniel W.
Bunnell, Rachel Jane
Bunnell, Rebecah
Bunnell, Rebecah A.
Bunnell, Samuel E.
Bunnell, Sarah
Bunnell, Sophia E.
Bunnell, Sophia L.
Bunnell, Sophiah
Bunnell, Stephen
Bunnell, Stephen
Bunnell, Susana
Bunnell, Susania Jane
Bunnell, Telitha Ann
Bunnell, Thomas
Bunnell, Thomas
Bunnell, Thomas J.
Bunnell, Thomas N.
Bunnell, Thomas R.
Buntin, Alcinda E.
Buntin, Armelda E.
Buntin, Clarinda Jane
Buntin, Clarista A.
Buntin, Gregory G.
Buntin, Hulda
Buntin, James
Buntin, Sarah M.
Burgard, Elizabeth
Burge, Hannah
Burge, Mary
Burge, Richard
Burge, Wm.
Burget, Emily
Burget, Francis M.
Burget, John
Burget, Rachel
Burget, Wm.
Burk, Jacob
Burkey, David
Burkey, Emma Jane
Burkey, James
Burkey, John
Burkey, Rachel
Burkey, Susan C.
Burkey, Thomas
Burkey, Wm. A.
Burner, Amanda
Burner, Liberty
Burner, Mary Ann
Burner, Samuel
Burnes, Elizabeth
Burnes, Hamilton
Burnes, Isaiah
Burnes, James
Burnes, James
Burnes, James A.
Burnes, John
Burnes, Joseph J.
Burnes, Margaret
Burnes, Martha
Burnes, Martha J.
Burnes, Martin
Burnes, Mary
Burnes, Mary A.
Burnes, Richard B.
Burnes, Ruth
Burnes, Sarah Jane
Burnes, Washington
Burns, Elizabeth A.
Burns, James
Burns, Jane
Burns, John
Burns, John B.
Burns, Malinda
Burns, Malinda
Burns, Margaret A.
Burns, Mary A.
Burns, Mary Ann
Burns, Thomas A.
Burns, Wm.
Burns, Wm.
Buskirk, Caroline
Buskirk, David
Buskirk, James
Buskirk, Michael F.
Buskirk, Nancy
Buskirk, Wm. K.
Button, Catharin
Button, Catharine
Button, James
Button, James W. H.
Button, John
Button, John
Button, Thomas
Button, Thomas
Button, Wm.
Button, Wm.

Camplin, Mary
Cane, Bushrod
Cane, Erastus
Cane, Frances
Cane, Isaac
Cane, John
Cane, Jordan
Cane, Juliann
Cane, Mary
Cane, Mary
Cane, Percetta
Cane, Rebecah
Cane, Sarah
Cane, Wm.
Cane, Wm. H.
Cantwell, Felitia E.
Cantwell, Felitia J.
Cantwell, Isaac M.
Cantwell, Mary E.
Cantwell, Nancy Jane
Carpenter, Eliza Ann
Carpenter, Henryetta
Carpenter, Morgan
Carpenter, Rebecah Jane
Carpenter, Robert
Carr, Ann (See Karr)
Carr, Catharin
Carr, Catherin (See Karr)
Carr, Elizabeth
Carr, James
Carr, John
Carr, John C. (See Karr)
Carr, Joseph (See Karr)
Carr, Joseph A. (See Karr)
Carr, M. G.(See Karr)
Carr, Malissa Ann
Carr, Moses W.(See Karr)
Carr, Rachel M.(See Karr)
Carr, Sarah
Carr, Umphra
Carson, Elizabeth
Carson, Elizabeth O.
Carson, Furgason
Carson, James
Carson, John M.
Carson, Lydia A.
Carson, Mary Jane
Carson, Pheby Ann
Carson, Wm. B.
Chamberlin, 13
Chamberlin, Aaron
Chamberlin, Caroline
Chamberlin, Daniel
Chamberlin, Emaline
Chamberlin, JOhn
Chamberlin, John W.
Chamberlin, Joseph W.
Chamberlin, Mary E.
Chase, Arminder
Chase, Charles
Chase, Clarinda
Chase, Clarinda
Chase, Hariet
Chase, Henry
Chase, Isaac
Chenoweth, Charles
Chenoweth, Esther
Chenoweth, Magdaline
Chenoweth, Margaret
Chenoweth, Peter
Chenoweth, Sarah
Chenoweth, Sarah
Chenoweth, Thomas
Chenoweth, Wm.
Chenowith, Asineth
Chenowith, Eliza
Chenowith, Ira
Chenowith, Jesse
Chenowith, Josiah
Chenowith, Thomas
Chenwouth, Eli
Chenwouth, James
Chenwouth, James R.
Chenwouth, Jasper
Chenwouth, Milton
Chenwouth, Nancy
Chenwouth, Sarah
Chenwouth, Wm.
Chesnut, Robert W.
Chilton, James
Chilton, Lutecia F.
Chilton, Nancy
Chilton, Sarah M.
Chodall, Elizabeth
Chodall, Henry
Chodall, Lewis
Chodall, Sngaline
Chriswell, Catharin
Chriswell, Michel
Chriswell, Sarah C.
Clark, Alice
Clark, Angeline
Clark, Anjaline
Clark, Benjamin
Clark, Benjamin
Clark, Benjamin
Clark, Benson B.
Clark, Catharine
Clark, Clara Ann
Clark, Daniel
Clark, David C.
Clark, Eli
Clark, Elizabeth
Clark, Elizabeth
Clark, Emaline
Clark, George
Clark, George
Clark, George W.
Clark, Henry
Clark, Isaac
Clark, Jacob
Clark, Jacob F.
Clark, James A.
Clark, James E.
Clark, Jane
Clark, Jane
Clark, John R.
Clark, Joshua
Clark, JOshua L.
Clark, Josiah
Clark, Markes
Clark, Martha
Clark, Martha Ann
Clark, Mary E.
Clark, Mary Jane
Clark, Nathaniel
Clark, Rebecah
Clark, Rhody
Clark, Rhody
Clark, Samuel
Clark, Sarah A.
Clark, Sarah Jane
Clark, Susanna
Clark, Wm.
Clary, James L.
Clary, Joseph H.
Clary, Susana M.
Clegg, Hiram
Clevenger, Thornton
Cloud, Elmira
Clouse, Andrew J.
Clouse, Hannah
Clouse, John
Clow, Elizabeth
Coats, Catharin
Coats, Mary M.
Coats, Rebecah
Coats, Sarah J.
Coats, Wm.
Cobler, Kesiah
Cobler, Mahala
Cochell, Abner
Cochell, Anamaria
Cochell, Eliza Ann
Cochell, Ellen
Cochell, Jeremiah
Cochell, John
Cochell, Martin
Cochell, Stephen
Cochell, Wm.
Cogal, Amelia
Cogal, Daniel
Cogal, George
Cogal, Joseph
Cogal, Martha A.
Cogal, Sarah E.
Cogal, Wm.
Coghill, Elizabeth
Coghill, Emeline
Coghill, John
Coghill, Josiah
Coghill, Nancy Jane
Coghill, Perchel
Coghill, Rebecah
Coghill, Sarah E.
Coil, Abraham
Coil, Martha Ann
Coil, Mary Jane
Coil, Phebe
Coil, Robert
Cole, Alfred
Cole, Jane
Cole, John
Cole, Joseph
Cole, Moses
Cole, Peter
Cole, Serepta
Cole, Thomas
Colens, Barbary
Colens, Henry
Colens, Malinda
Colens, Mary E.
Colens, Sarah
Colens, Wm.
Colerick, John
Colerick, Martha
Colerick, Robert K.
Coller, Daniel
Coller, Ebenezer
Coller, Hariet
Coller, Hosey
Coller, Mary J.
Coller, Prudence
Coller, Sarah Ann
Coller, Washington P.
Collins, Adam
Collins, Elizabeth
Collins, George
Collins, Margaret
Collins, Nancy A.
Collins, Unes
Collins, Washington
Collins, Wm.
Comer, Charles
Comer, Charles
Comer, James
Comer, John
Comer, Joseph
Comer, Martha
Comer, Mary
Comer, Mary E.
Comine, George M.
Comine, Mary
Comine, Robert
Commer, Catharne A.
Compton, Helen
Compton, John D.
Compton, Leann
Compton, Lucinda
Compton, Martha Jane
Compton, Orlan
Conklin, Amelia
Conklin, Elvina
Conklin, Joseph
Conwell, Elizabeth
Conwell, Elizabeth Ann
Conwell, John
Conwell, John
Conwell, John M.
Conwell, Mary
Conwell, Philip
Conwell, Rachel M.
Conwell, Wm.
Conwell, Wm., Jr.
Cook, John
Cooley, Calvin
Cooley, Eliza
Cooley, Luther
Cooley, Wm.
Cooper, Amos
Cooper, Burgen C.
Cooper, Louiza
Cooper, Sarah
Cope, Charlet
Cope, Jessy
Cope, Shursey Ann
Cope, Wm.
Coppock, David
Coppock, Ester
Coppock, Jesse
Coppock, Oliver D.
Cornell, Absalom
Cornell, Benjamin A.
Cornell, Catharine
Cornell, Ellen
Cornell, Emmeline
Cornell, Liza Ann
Cornell, Sarah
Cornell, Wesley
Cornell, Wm.
Cornell, Wm. J.
Corwell, Catharin
Corwell, James
Corwell, Lidia
Coshill, James
Coun, Angaline
Coun, Jane
Coun, Louiza J.
Coun, Thomas
Covey, Machel
Cowder, Joseph
Cowger, Ann
Cowger, Ann E.
Cowger, Eli
Cowger, Jacob
Cowger, Margaret
Cowger, Martha W.
Cowger, Mary
Cowger, Matilda
Cowger, Rebecah
Cowger, Ruth
Cowger, Ruth E.
Cowger, Samuel P.
Cowger, Sarah A.
Cowger, Sarah E.
Cowley, Mary
Coyer, Eli W.
Coyer, Elizabeth
Coyer, George W.
Coyer, Mary J.
Coyer, Ruth E.
Coyer, Silas
Coyer, Silas R.
Craft, Lutecia
Craft, Wm.
Cramer, Samuel
Cranford, George W.
Crichfield, Harison
Crichfield, John L.
Crichfield, Mary E.
Crichfield, Ruth
Crichfield, Sarah Ann
Crichfield, Wm.
Crim, *****ull
Crim, Francis
Crim, Jane
Crim, Jarvis
Crim, John
Crim, Lewis
Crim, Martha
Crim, Mary
Crim, Rachel
Criswell, Jane
Criswell, Josiah W.
Criswell, Mary
Criswell, Robert
Cromer, Barbary
Cromer, Christiana
Cromer, Daniel
Cromer, Fedrow
Cromer, Francisann
Cromer, John
Crosby, Amanda
Crosby, James
Crosby, Mary E.
Crosby, Mary J.
Crose, Eunice
Crose, Francis C.
Crose, James
Crose, James
Crose, Mary Ann
Crose, Rebecah
Crose, Thompson
Crose, Wm.
Crose, Wm. C.
Cullen, Andrew
Cullen, Eliza
Cullen, George
Cullen, George A.
Cullen, Jane
Cullen, Jane Ann
Cullen, Joseph
Cullen, Joseph A.
Cullen, Margaret
Cullen, Margaret
Cullen, Margaret
Cullen, Maryann
Cullen, Susana
Cullen, Wm. K.
Cummins, Aaron
Cummins, Louiza
Cuningham, Elizabeth J.
Cuningham, John
Cuningham, Joseph
Cuningham, Nancy A.
Cuningham, Nancyann
Cuningham, Pheby Ann
Cuningham, Salomy
Cuningham, Thomas
Cunningham, Daniel
Cunningham, Henry
Cunningham, Levi
Cunningham, Mary
Cur**en, Wm.
Cuter, John K.
Cutler, Elizabeth
Cutler, George
Cutler, Harison
Cutler, Jane
Cutler, Jasper
Cutler, John
Cutler, Landis
Cutler, Loren
Cutler, Lorin
Cutler, Marion
Cutler, Morrow
Cutler, Ralph

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