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My name is Karen Bazzani Zach and I am your Coordinator for Montgomery County.   I would really like to thank Jeff Scism for assisting me for the last years, he has been such a tremendous help.  Appreciate Katy H. for helping redesign this page. Thanks to Lena H. and Jeff for helping move the site recently. My hubby is constantly helping me as well - thanks, Jim Z :) . Your Indiana State Coordinator is : Lena Harper . Asssistants are: Jim Cox and Karen Zach

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Montgomery County Courthouse early 1900s - Compliments of CDPL :)  

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This site indexed by Free Find NOTE: Thanks so much to this great site for the indexing job -- this is a HUGE site and without FreeFind it would be literally "hard to find" things :) Thanks, Guys & thanks to my GenWeb partner, Jeff S for helping me get this straightened out! kbz

Montgomery County, Indiana is rich with history and owns many interesting sites, including the Old Jail Museum (with one of the only workable rotating cells); the Lane Place (home of Henry S. Lane, Senator and personal friend to President Lincoln); Lew Wallace Study (author of the book, Ben Hur); DAR house (owned by the Elston family until the Dorothy Q Chapter, DAR purchased it); and Wabash College (an all-male Liberal Arts School with less than 1,000 students dating back to 1832). Townships include Brown (with towns of Browns Valley and Waveland); Clark (Ladoga); Coal Creek (New Richmond, Wingate and Elmdale); Franklin (Darlington, Shannondale); Madison (Linden and Kirkpatrick); Ripley (Alamo, Yountsville); Scott (Parkersburg, New Market); Sugar Creek (Bowers); Union (Crawfordsville; Whitesville); Walnut (New Ross, Mace); Wayne (Waynetown). Crawfordsville, the County seat, is a third-class city with a full time mayor, a seven-member council and a clerk-treasurer. The city is located just off Interstate 74, about 45 miles West of Indianapolis.

Note: There has been a group of folks who have found (can you believe this?) 453 towns to date (6-1-2017 ) - click on towns on the left column to read about not only those above but many, many more.Thanks so much to Suzie & Jerry for the majority of them -- It's truly amazing!

In Honor and Memory of our past State Coordinators : Thanks for your dedication - here are Betty's remembrances of how Indiana began :) Loved that lady!

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2004 - 2011 - Debra Behler

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2017- -------- Lena Carlson Harper

(and thanks to Judi Burns (Greene Co Coordinator) for the INGenWeb history lesson :) I've seen 'em all come/go. Some were great (like Betty & Fred), others good, a couple not so much :) Overall, though, they tried and kept us going as one of the ONLY FREE genealogy sites. ENJOY

You might want to check out this 2012 new site which takes the place of Random Acts of Genealogy Kindnessbut which now, 2015 seems to be just a list of places you might search for free -- too bad, I used to love reading where someone did something nice :( Well, the sight might do someone some good -- GENEROUS GENEALOGISTS


My Kind of Town - a Power Point about the many towns in Montgomery County - by kbz - to go along with this, do check out the towns (all 464 and growing that we know have existed in MC.)

FAMILY LINKS -- have any, let me know!!

Montgomery County History and Lore Facebook page - awesome


Link to calculate a birthdate from the death date/age

1917 WWI Registrants (thanks so very much to John Cowan for this - think we'll be working on it to add even more links, data, etc. THANKS JOHN)

Pictures of UNKNOWN Montgomery Countians -- PLEASE CHECK THIS -- Other Unknowns here


1896 Waveland School Report (this will be an ongoing addition :) Huge book -- thanks sooo very much to Dave Fullenwider - 1897

Desination Indiana (Montgomery County link)

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Brown Township PowerPoint note - if you possibly use this for anything, that's fine but GIVE ME CREDIT FOR THE WORK :) Thanks for this not only consideration but MUST when you use someone else's work.


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NEW -- hours for the LDS Church in Crawfordsville -- Latter Day Saint Center will be open Sunday 4-9 and Monday 9-4 for one on one genealogy assistance

--Although not new, this has become a great little link - check it out for Veterans of the county


REGISTER YOUR BRICK WALL (family problems in Montgomery County) Register them HERE :)

Check out the WHO's WHO in Montgomery County

Note: After all that great work on the Montgomery Murder & Massacre webliography, Suzie only got a B+ but now that she got that grade, at least, I can take over her project and add some more -- have a couple to add real soon -- hey, kudos to daughter Suzie -- ya' deserved an A !! -- mom - kbz

---Montgomery Murder & Massacre---

Added Gold Star Roll of Honor - WWI

Blog Spot for the Crawfordsville District Public
Library - Local History -- check it out !! http://cdpl-history.blogspot.com/ - note: when Suzie worked in reference, she did awesome and often blog spots but not as many anymore :(


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T H I S - W E E K' S -


Thanks to Dianne Combs - this is her grandmother, Anna Marie Hostetter Hatfield. Don't know if she noticed, but I sure did that they look a lot alike. Anna Marie Hostetter (1896-1976) daughter of Corbin and Margaret Thompson Hostetter of Montgomery County. Anna Marie married Claude Hatfield (1929) and lived first in Marion County then Johnson County.



NOTE: IF YOU HAVE ANY PICS OF ANY OF THE TOWNS / BUILDINGS / AREAS / PEOPLE, please send them my way :) for this page and to archive in the photos section !! Love to share our history! kbz


**** AUGUST 2017 ADDITIONS**** see below - current here - yearly 2017 additions link

CHECK -2017 additions to date.

NOTE: Almost all of the additions below are on the new site - it will take quite a few months to get the new one up and running so if you need anything from the items below, let me know :) karen.zach@sbcglobal.net


AUGUST 2017 Additions on Montgomery County GenWeb

WEEK 1 --

OBITUARIES: _34__ Names -- Beck; Cox; Delp; Elmore; Gott; Gray; Henthorn; Hillard; Linn; Milligan; Phillips; Scaggs; Sellers; Servies; Stout; Thompson; Weisheit; Wimsett; Witty; Williams; Withrow; Wray; Wright; Wynkoop; Wiatt; Wyand; Wrightsman; Young; Zeigler

TOWNS: : __1_ : Total of # 462 - towns to date - added Jackman's School House added information on Providence

MARRIAGES (announcment in newspapers)_____ Names:

MILITARY --__3 __Added Civil War obit - Thompson - added WWI Death - Todd; Earl Meek discharged - sunstroke

News Items -- _7__ -- 1894 City election - names are: Mount; Kennedy; Clodfelter; Hanna; Vancleave ; mill burns; Accident- Imel - Alamo Methodist 75 years - Accident - Faulkner shot in foot

Biographies -- __2__ Hutchings; Totten (on new site - let me know if you'd like any)

Alumni) -- _1 Yountsville School built 1894

Links -- ___

Reunions -- _2_ Chesterson-Sutherlin; Shackelford

QUESTIONS - _3__ Can you find something on two golf pros of the county (I found lots). Was there a railroad ever at Alamo (no although in 1872 they tried to get one)

PHOTOS -- ____-

Divorces __2_ McDaniel; Walton


WEEK 2 --

OBITUARIES :__53__ Names: Barrett; Burns; Cannon; Clawson; Conkright; Dunbar; Edens; Etchison;' Fulwider; Frazier; Games; Gleason; Gremelspacher; Hicks; Holman; Howard; Humphrey; Kezee; Kessler; Laughner; Lewellen; Lough; Ludlow; McGinnis; Martin; Mote; Nickloi; Parker; Price; Rabbitt; Rider; Rule; Shanklin; Smith; Solomon; Timmons; Tipton; Tinsley; Wade; Wakeland; Walsh; Walter; Walton; Ward; Wheeler; Wethington; Withrow

Towns ____ = -- added --

Biographies -- __4__ Names: Crisler; Crane (these are on the new site - let me know if you would like to see them) Dunbar

Photographs -- __1__ = Hatfield-Hostetter (thanks Dianne C)

Death Record -- __ ==

Links -- __2__ -- :) Fixed link to Crawfordsville District Public Library databases - added a link for William Bratton on the Who's Who page (thanks to John Cowan) early teacher examination index from cdpl

Marriage (announcements) ....--____ -- Names:

Military _1__ -- Conkright obit - Korea

News -- __4_ -- Found a new newspaper, Waynetown Banner - 1878 January; Accident - Frank Cook's arm destroyed/removed; school shooting (Stull brothers); Old man beats 3 assailants with horse whip, horse & courage :)

Surnames __1__Added Hostetter

Divorces ____ C

Schools (Alumni) ____ ==


WEEK 3--

OBITUARIES: 24`__ Names: Carson; Cooper; Davis; Dooley; Dunbar; Ellis; Gilkey; Hunt; Irons; Kesler; McCorkle; McCollum; Marshall; Mills; Morris; Myers; Peterson; Reath; Remley; Smith; Tomlinson; Wilson;

PHOTOGRAPHS & Photographers _6_ - Hostetter (thanks Dianne C; Wingate school pic on alumni page

Brick Wall-- __1`__ Names: Hostetter

Towns __1_ == Added Big Ditch ; added info on Mt. Vernon - totalling 464

Schools - __1__ == -- article on 1877 CHS graduating class

Military _5_ - Added - WWI (3 obits for Krout and picture) Kemp KIA

Marriags _12_ Gillespie/Vancleave & Davidson/Gerard & Dice/Hughelhein; Gilkey-Smith; Weaver-Morgan; Fugate-Copner

Bible -_1_ - Vancleave/Reeder (thanks Dianne)

News __13__ - Poor farm totals for winter of 1876-77 (79 occupants, 10 died - warm weather now - 59); Emma Creque spell; weather of 1893 - compared to 1851; Durham vs. Kersey - breach of promise; Williams wants to get twin sins out of service; Kyle 62 years of bliss; Wm. Seymour - taken to poor farm; 2017 Church Directory; Horse Thief Detectives of 1881; Gilkey fire; Frank Wilhite Band

Death Records - __1__ Dunbar

Links - __1__ Family Link, Bowman (thanks Dave Smith)

Divorces __4__ - Booher (added two articles about same divorce - must have been quite a sensational one); Butcher; Tomlinson

Biography -- __7_ Ellis; Hall; Huffman; Humphries; Raredon (on new site, let me know if you need it); Strain



WEEK 4--

OBITUARIES -- __ == Names include:

Military ___ - Added:

News __ --


SCHOOLS (Alumni) -- __ - Added -

Reunions - ____ --

Letters --__ --

Links -- ___ -- Added -

Town ____

Questions -- _


Recipes -- I began the Family Recipe pages several years ago by request of one of my list serve gals. I said something about a recipe and she said, "Do you mind sharing!" That gave me the idea of doing the Recipe page. If you have any family-oriented ones, PLEASE send 'em to me so I can add them. Mainly, they are mine but I do have several on the pages people have sent in.




***AREA FUNERAL HOME PAGES -- you can find more current
obituaries here.

***** Genealogy Club's ***** Jim Swift - "Finding Gpa's Farm"

Check this out: Have any to add, PLEASE send 'em my way :)

Family Recipes

Thanks to clipartforfree.com for this yummy-lookin cake :)


(thanks to Al Wolf for this awesome site - greatly appreciazted)

Hilary from the IN Div. of Hist Pres & Archaeology sent this recently - nifty

Database of Indiana Cemeteries


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