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Eliza J. and Bertha Shumaker

Bertha Shumaker

John & Bertha Rinehart and Unknown Couple

Sarah Shumaker Avery

Bertha and Sarah Shumaker and Unknowns

Lena Shumaker Zimmer

Eliza J. Shumaker Wolf

Weir Zimmer

Carey Zimmerman

Evelyn Whitlock

Cassius & Lena Shumaker Zimmer

Mark V. Rinehart

Hazel Shaughniss

Fanny or Elizabeth Rinehart?

Margie E. Rinehart

Bertha Shumaker Rinehart

Margie Rinehart

Elmer Rinehart??

Margie Rinehart, age 6

John L. Rinehart

Mabel Rinehart

John L. & Bertha Rinehart

George, Elmer, and John Rinehart

Margie & Elsie Rinehart

1916 Basketball Team

Mary Rinehart Burch

Elsie Rinehart, age 7

Isabelle Rinehart Berlein

Berlein Family

John E. & Larada Harpham Libey

John L. Bertha & Unknowns

Lena Leamon Shumaker?

Jay Berlein?

Rinehart House

John L. Rinehart

Earl Rinehart

Bertha, Margie & John L. Rinehart

George Benjamin Ryan

Elsie Marie Rinehart

Benjamin Ryan Family

Brothers George and Willard Ryan

1909 Williams Family Reunion

Alonzo Williams Family

William M. Gregg

Nelson Letts

Joel Shultz Family

Gregg Family

Milton Amos Wolff Family

James Lewis Family

Henry Wilcox Family

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Henry & Mary Wilcox

Henry Wilcox

Myers Family - 4 Generations

The Richard Miller Family

Strawser Family Reunion

Frank & Eva Foster Brooks

Sherman Strawser Family

Sherman and Della Strawser Children

Sherman and Della (Anstett) Strawser

George W. and Rhoda Jane Strawser Family

Orin Taylor Jr.

Bert and Mabel Wolf

Joshua Walsh

The Denmans

Barnes Family

Nellie Bell

Josephine Barnes

Blanche Barnes

Sarah Anspaugh 100th Birthday

Richards Family

Wolf Sisters

Frank Wolf Family

Sarah Cain Anspaugh

Maude and Grant Anspaugh

John and Sarah Ousterhout

Charles and Caroline Barnes

Ousterhout Farm

Sarah DeLong and IO DeLong

Caroline Barnes Eggleston

Charles W. Barnes

Edward and Anna Barnes

Mary Norrick Rankin

Fred & Malinda Hutchins

Six Barnes Boys Home from the War

Everett  Goodrich

Harrison Beard and Wife

Giles Beard and Family

Mrs. Charles Beard

Charles Barnes Family
Charles Beard

Jesse and Cecil Lint

Jesse Lint

Elijah and Lucy Beard

Franklin and Jennett Beard

Dora Beard Hart
Ross Brothers
Harriet Eliza Esty
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Harley and Annie West

Samuel and Mary Clark

Wolff Shafer Family

Earl and Aurilla Wolff

Lloyd and Leola Clark Johnson

Clarence Clark

Bethel Sunday School Class

John T. Goodrich

Lucinda Beard Clark

William Henry Beard
Orland Agricultural Dept. -- 1927

George and Amelia Johnson

1890 Writing Class, Angola

The Three Hughey Sisters

The 1908 Hughey Family Reunion

The Arthur Rinehart Residence

The Stephen Hughey Family

Llewellyn George Walberry

Logan McCain

Frank Davis and Alma Beard

Clarence Beard and Margie Deller

George and Cynthia Burch Rummel

Children of William H. and Mercy McLain Van Pelt

George McCain and Caroline Schmeiser

The Amanda Goodrich Residence

Daniel Davis Family

Frank Davis Family

Kate Davis

Lucetta Davis and William Metz

Family of Gates Levi Beard
Family of George Albert Kunce

The Isaac Johnson Family
The Melvin Clark Family

Geneva (Stayner) Johnson

Johnny Miller

Jeromiah and Alpha Rathbun Dutter

Lloyd Johnson (back row middle)

John G. Schmeiser

Henry and Elizabeth (Perky) Rummel

Luman H. and Jane W. (Rummel) Beard

Orland School Teachers

1930-31 Orland 2nd Grade Class

1931-32 Orland 3rd Grade Class

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