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Individual Page # Line # City/Township
BRACE, Russell 351b 34 Plain-Leesburg
BRADLEY, Christiana 377b 3 Clay
BRADLEY, James 377b 2 Clay
BRADLEY, Joanna 377b 4 Clay
BRADLEY, Wm. 377b 5 Clay
BRADWAY, Elizth. 403a 4 Harrison
BRADWAY, Elizth. 411a 15 Wayne
BRADWAY, Elizth. 411a 17 Wayne
BRADWAY, Henry 411b 3 Wayne
BRADWAY, John 403a 3 Harrison
BRADWAY, Mary S. 403a 5 Harrison
BRADWAY, Sarah C. 411b 4 Wayne
BRADWAY, Vincent 411a 16 Wayne
BRADWAY, Wm. 411a 14 Wayne
BRADY, Benj. 302b 39 Prairie
BRADY, Benjamin 302b 35 Prairie
BRADY, Isaac 416a 19 Wayne
BRADY, Jacob 302b 37 Prairie
BRADY, James 416a 21 Wayne
BRADY, James W. 329b 42 Turkey Creek
BRADY, Jemima 416a 20 Wayne
BRADY, John N. 329b 37 Turkey Creek
BRADY, John N. 416a 22 Wayne
BRADY, Malinda 329b 39 Turkey Creek
BRADY, Martha E. 329b 38 Turkey Creek
BRADY, Mary 302b 38 Prairie
BRADY, Mary 329b 36 Turkey Creek
BRADY, Sarah 302b 36 Prairie
BRADY, Sarah J. 347b 25 Plain
BRADY, Thomas J. 329b 40 Turkey Creek
BRADY, Wm. 329b 35 Turkey Creek
BRADY, Wm. D, 329b 41 Turkey Creek
BRAKEFIELD, John 387b 33 Franklin
BRAMER, Andrew 342a 22 Plain
BRAMER, Geo. W. 342a 26 Plain
BRAMER, Isaac 342a 23 Plain
BRAMER, Jacob 342a 24 Plain
BRAMER, John 342a 19 Plain
BRAMER, Mary 342a 20 Plain
BRAMER, Mary E. 342a 25 Plain
BRAMER, Sarah 342a 21 Plain
BRANDEN, Alethia 383a 4 Clay
BRANDON, Alexander 321b 39 Vanburen
BRANDON, Eliza A. 321b 42 Vanburen
BRANDON, Joanna 321b 38 Vanburen
BRANDON, Maria J. 383b 39 Clay
BRANDON, Mary J. 321b 41 Vanburen
BRANDON, Rebecca A. 383b 37 Clay
BRANDON, Thomas 383b 38 Clay
BRANDON, Wm 321b 40 Vanburen
BRANNAN, Isabella 400b 35 Harrison
BRANNAN, Martha 400b 33 Harrison
BRANNAN, Mary A. 400b 34 Harrison
BRANNAN, Thos. 400b 32 Harrison
BRANNAN, Thos. D. 400b 36 Harrison
BRANNON, David 352a 16 Plain-Leesburg
BRANNON, Nancy 398b 27 Franklin
BRASTED, Ann E. 360b 25 Washington
BRASTED, Charles 360b 23 Washington
BRASTED, Eliza J. 363a 4 Jackson
BRASTED, Harriet 360b 22 Washington
BRASTED, Harriet 360b 26 Washington
BRASTED, Harrison 360b 24 Washington
BRASTED, Henry D. 363a 2 Jackson
BRASTED, Sarah A. 363a 3 Jackson
BRASTED, _______ 363a 5 Jackson
BRATT, Daniel 297a 16 Warsaw
BRATT, Elizabeth 356a 6 Washington
BRATT, Henry 356a 8 Washington
BRATT, Louisa 410a 10 Wayne
BRATT, Morgan L. 356a 5 Washington
BRATT, Richard 356a 7 Washington
BREWER, Andrew 395b 38 Franklin
BREWER, Hulda J. 395b 39 Franklin
BREWER, Jackson 395b 33 Franklin
BREWER, James 395b 36 Franklin
BREWER, Jane 395b 34 Franklin
BREWER, Lucretia 395b 42 Franklin
BREWER, Margaret 395b 35 Franklin
BREWER, Sarah E. 395b 40 Franklin
BREWER, Sophia E. 395b 41 Franklin
BREWER, Thomas 395b 37 Franklin
BRINGOLF, Benjamin 301b 30 Prairie
BRINGOLF, John 301b 29 Prairie
BRINGOLF, Mary 301b 28 Prairie
BRINGOLF, Melchor 301b 27 Prairie
BRINNEN, Nancy 402a 29 Harrison
BRINNON, Chelton 386a 16 Franklin
BRINNON, Elizabeth 386a 17 Franklin
BRINNON, Ferdinand W. 386a 22 Franklin
BRINNON, John 386a 18 Franklin
BRINNON, Mary C. 386a 19 Franklin
BRINNON, Samuel S. 386a 21 Franklin
BRINNON, William 386a 20 Franklin
BROCK, Elizabeth 364a 23 Jackson
BROCK, Frederick 364a 22 Jackson
BROCKWAY, Cordelia 363a 11 Jackson
BROCKWAY, Elizabeth 372b 10 Jackson
BROCKWAY, Geo. 372b 12 Jackson
BROCKWAY, Hannah 372b 16 Jackson
BROCKWAY, Herman 363a 10 Jackson
BROCKWAY, Isaac 372b 8 Jackson
BROCKWAY, Isaac 372b 15 Jackson
BROCKWAY, Martha 372b 13 Jackson
BROCKWAY, Mary 294b 33 Warsaw
BROCKWAY, Mary 372b 11 Jackson
BROCKWAY, Samuel 372b 14 Jackson
BROCKWAY, Susan 372b 9 Jackson
BROLLIER, Anna 356a 16 Washington
BROLLIER, Anna 361a 3 Washington
BROLLIER, Catharine 356a 15 Washington
BROLLIER, Daniel 356a 23 Washington
BROLLIER, Danl. 356a 14 Washington
BROLLIER, David 356a 20 Washington
BROLLIER, Henry 356a 24 Washington
BROLLIER, Isaiah 356a 22 Washington
BROLLIER, John 356a 17 Washington
BROLLIER, Lavina 356a 21 Washington
BROLLIER, Levi 356a 18 Washington
BROLLIER, Martha 356a 19 Washington
BROWN, Absolom 357a 5 Washington
BROWN, Cath. 401a 38 Harrison
BROWN, Catharine 330a 42 Turkey Creek
BROWN, Catharine 375b 36 Clay
BROWN, Cornelia Agusta 401a 41 Harrison
BROWN, David 375b 38 Clay
BROWN, Edward P. 300b 39 Prairie
BROWN, Eley A. 328a 29 Turkey Creek
BROWN, Elizabeth 357a 6 Washington
BROWN, Elizth. 375b 39 Clay
BROWN, Emeline 391a 41 Franklin
BROWN, Erastus, Jr. 401a 37 Harrison
BROWN, Frederick 354b 10 Washington
BROWN, Harriet 391b 1 Franklin
BROWN, Harvey B. 329a 7 Turkey Creek
BROWN, Helen M. 300b 34 Prairie
BROWN, Henry 375b 37 Clay
BROWN, Henry H. 300b 37 Prairie
BROWN, Isaac 330b 7 Turkey Creek
BROWN, James H. 300b 36 Prairie
BROWN, Jane 391a 40 Franklin
BROWN, John 300b 40 Prairie
BROWN, John 375b 35 Clay
BROWN, John M. 312a 18 Scott
BROWN, John R. 357a 8 Washington
BROWN, Josiah J. 338a 28 Tippecanoe
BROWN, Julia Ann 352a 23 Plain-Leesburg
BROWN, Lorenzo 300b 32 Prairie
BROWN, Louisa 352a 22 Plain-Leesburg
BROWN, Mary 300b 31 Prairie
BROWN, Mary 330b 4 Turkey Creek
BROWN, Mary 375b 34 Clay
BROWN, Mary A. 391b 2 Franklin
BROWN, Mary J. 401a 40 Harrison
BROWN, Mary Jane 357a 7 Washington
BROWN, Matilda 391a 39 Franklin
BROWN, Melvina 328a 25 Turkey Creek
BROWN, Newton 355b 14 Washington
BROWN, Patrick 330b 5 Turkey Creek
BROWN, Pheba 330b 1 Turkey Creek
BROWN, Phlena 300b 38 Prairie
BROWN, Rhoda 330b 2 Turkey Creek
BROWN, Richard 375b 33 Clay
BROWN, Rolander W. 357a 10 Washington
BROWN, Salina 352a 21 Plain-Leesburg
BROWN, Saloma 330b 6 Turkey Creek
BROWN, Sarah E. 391a 42 Franklin
BROWN, Stephen 330b 3 Turkey Creek
BROWN, Stephen 407a 38 Harrison
BROWN, Susan 325a 39 Turkey Creek
BROWN, Susannah 300b 35 Prairie
BROWN, Tivis H. 391a 38 Franklin
BROWN, Wm H. 300b 33 Prairie
BROWN, Wm. K. 300b 30 Prairie
BROWN, Wm. S. 357a 9 Washington
BROWN, Wm. Wallace 401a 39 Harrison
BROWNS, Cornelius 308a 6 Prairie
BROWNS, Elisha K. 308a 3 Prairie
BROWNS, Milton 308a 5 Prairie
BROWNS, Sabrina 308a 4 Prairie
BRUMBAUGH, Catharine 314a 31 Jefferson
BRUMBAUGH, Catharine 314a 33 Jefferson
BRUMBAUGH, Catharine 326a 41 Turkey Creek
BRUMBAUGH, Catherine 326a 38 Turkey Creek
BRUMBAUGH, Christeena 326b 2 Turkey Creek
BRUMBAUGH, Conrad 326a 37 Turkey Creek
BRUMBAUGH, Daniel 314a 29 Jefferson
BRUMBAUGH, David 314a 27 Jefferson
BRUMBAUGH, Ephraim 326b 1 Turkey Creek
BRUMBAUGH, George 314a 28 Jefferson
BRUMBAUGH, Jacob 314a 24 Jefferson
BRUMBAUGH, Jacob 370b 2 Jackson
BRUMBAUGH, John 314a 26 Jefferson
BRUMBAUGH, John 326b 3 Turkey Creek
BRUMBAUGH, John M. 314a 35 Jefferson
BRUMBAUGH, Mary 326a 40 Turkey Creek
BRUMBAUGH, Mary Ellen 314a 34 Jefferson
BRUMBAUGH, Sarah 326a 39 Turkey Creek
BRUMBAUGH, Susan 314a 25 Jefferson
BRUMBAUGH, Susannah 326a 42 Turkey Creek
BRUMBAUGH, William 314a 30 Jefferson
BRUMBAUGH, Wm. 314a 32 Jefferson
BUCHANNON, Wm. A. 338a 24 Tippecanoe
BUCKLEY, Abraham 297a 26 Warsaw
BUCKLEY, Elizth. 416b 10 Wayne
BUCKLEY, Isaac 416b 13 Wayne
BUCKLEY, John R. 416b 11 Wayne
BUCKLEY, Richard K. 416b 14 Wayne
BUCKLEY, Sarah 416b 15 Wayne
BUCKLEY, Wm. 416b 12 Wayne
BULL, Eliza A. 337a 2 Tippecanoe
BULL, Joseph B. 337a 1 Tippecanoe
BULL, Rebecca 337a 3 Tippecanoe
BULL, Robert H. 336b 42 Tippecanoe
BURGAN, Benjamin 294b 29 Warsaw
BURGAN, Eliane Y. 294b 22 Warsaw
BURGANER, Barbara 311b 40 Scott
BURGANER, Catharine 312a 1 Scott
BURGANER, Elizabeth 311b 42 Scott
BURGANER, John 311b 41 Scott
BURGANER, Peter 311b 39 Scott
BURGERET, Abraham 308b 12 Prairie
BURGERET, Catharine 308b 13 Prairie
BURKETT, Benj. 393a 21 Franklin
BURKETT, Catharine 393a 22 Franklin
BURKETT, Elizth. 393b 10 Franklin
BURKETT, Enoch 393b 9 Franklin
BURKETT, Israel 393b 12 Franklin
BURKETT, Lucinda 393b 11 Franklin
BURKETT, Mary 393b 13 Franklin
BURKETT, Nathaniel 393b 6 Franklin
BURKETT, Samuel 393b 8 Franklin
BURKETT, Susannah 393b 7 Franklin
BURNS, Abner C. 396a 27 Franklin
BURNS, Amanda A. 315b 32 Vanburen
BURNS, Amelia 396a 25 Franklin
BURNS, Amelia 396a 26 Franklin
BURNS, Amelia A. 388a 37 Franklin
BURNS, Ann 318a 29 Vanburen
BURNS, Caroline 396a 29 Franklin
BURNS, Charles 315b 36 Vanburen
BURNS, Cynthia 318b 15 Vanburen
BURNS, David 318b 13 Vanburen
BURNS, Elenor 396a 30 Franklin
BURNS, Elizabeth 315b 35 Vanburen
BURNS, Elizth. 396a 28 Franklin
BURNS, Elizth. 396a 37 Franklin
BURNS, Ellen 388a 40 Franklin
BURNS, Geo. 388a 38 Franklin
BURNS, James H. 396a 36 Franklin
BURNS, Jeremiah 388a 35 Franklin
BURNS, Jeremiah 396a 32 Franklin
BURNS, Jerome 321a 28 Vanburen
BURNS, Jesse 396a 33 Franklin
BURNS, John 396a 38 Franklin
BURNS, John C. 315b 34 Vanburen
BURNS, Julia 388a 36 Franklin
BURNS, Margaret 388a 41 Franklin
BURNS, Martin T. 396a 35 Franklin
BURNS, Mary 388a 42 Franklin
BURNS, Mary J. 318a 28 Vanburen
BURNS, Minerva 396a 39 Franklin
BURNS, Naomi 315b 30 Vanburen
BURNS, Naomi J. 315b 33 Vanburen
BURNS, Oscar 315b 31 Vanburen
BURNS, Rebecca 396a 31 Franklin
BURNS, Robt. 396a 34 Franklin
BURNS, Samuel 318a 27 Vanburen
BURNS, Thomas P. 396a 24 Franklin
BURNS, Thos. P. 388a 39 Franklin
BURRISS, Almeda 352a 15 Plain-Leesburg
BURRISS, Catharine 352a 12 Plain-Leesburg
BURRISS, Charles 352a 13 Plain-Leesburg
BURRISS, Geo. 352a 11 Plain-Leesburg
BURRISS, Wm. 352a 14 Plain-Leesburg
BURT, Leban R. 309b 29 Scott
BURT, Margaret M. 309b 33 Scott
BURT, Mary E. 309b 31 Scott
BURT, Matilda C. 309b 30 Scott
BURT, Sarah R. 309b 34 Scott
BURT, Wm J. 309b 32 Scott
BUSHONG, Catharine 327a 18 Turkey Creek
BUSHONG, Ellen 327a 21 Turkey Creek
BUSHONG, Geo W. 327a 20 Turkey Creek
BUSHONG, John 327a 17 Turkey Creek
BUSHONG, Mary 327a 22 Turkey Creek
BUSHONG, Moses 327a 19 Turkey Creek
BUSSERT, Israel 397b 11 Franklin
BUTT, Tilda 314a 23 Jefferson
BUTTERBAUGH, Catharine 375b 27 Clay
BUTTERBAUGH, Catharine 375b 31 Clay
BUTTERBAUGH, Catharine 376a 8 Clay
BUTTERBAUGH, Catharine 376a 16 Clay
BUTTERBAUGH, Cornelius 376a 14 Clay
BUTTERBAUGH, Danl 375b 30 Clay
BUTTERBAUGH, Elizabeth 376a 10 Clay
BUTTERBAUGH, Geo. 376a 13 Clay
BUTTERBAUGH, Geo. O. 376a 7 Clay
BUTTERBAUGH, Geo. W. 376a 1 Clay
BUTTERBAUGH, George 375b 32 Clay
BUTTERBAUGH, Jacob 376a 11 Clay
BUTTERBAUGH, John 375b 29 Clay
BUTTERBAUGH, John 375b 41 Clay
BUTTERBAUGH, Mary 375b 28 Clay
BUTTERBAUGH, Saml 375b 26 Clay
BUTTERBAUGH, Samuel 376a 12 Clay
BUTTERBAUGH, Sarah 375b 42 Clay
BUTTERBAUGH, Sarah 376a 15 Clay
BUTTERBAUGH, Susannah 376a 9 Clay
BYBEE, Allen 386a 30 Franklin
BYBEE, Catharine 395a 9 Franklin
BYBEE, Cyrus 384b 27 Franklin
BYBEE, Eliza 294a 5 Warsaw
BYBEE, Jacob 386a 29 Franklin
BYBEE, James 395a 10 Franklin
BYBEE, John 294a 4 Warsaw
BYBEE, John Sr. 395a 8 Franklin
BYBEE, Levi 386a 31 Franklin
BYBEE, Lucinda 386a 33 Franklin
BYBEE, Martha A. 393b 26 Franklin
BYBEE, Mary 386a 28 Franklin
BYBEE, Mary 386a 32 Franklin
BYBEE, Murial 294a 6 Warsaw
BYBEE, Nancy A. 384b 26 Franklin
BYBEE, Nancy C. 393b 25 Franklin
BYBEE, Nathan 393b 23 Franklin
BYBEE, Pleasant 384b 25 Franklin
BYBEE, Saml 395a 11 Franklin
BYBEE, Sarah Ann 294a 7 Warsaw
BYBEE, Susan 393b 24 Franklin
BYBEE, Washington 386a 27 Franklin
BYERS, Catharine 331a 6 Turkey Creek
BYERS, James A. 369a 22 Jackson
BYERS, Lovina 331a 7 Turkey Creek
BYERS, Mahala 369a 23 Jackson
BYERS, Moses 331a 5 Turkey Creek
BYERS, Samuel P. 331a 8 Turkey Creek

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